22 Movie Cameos That Were Completely Out of Left Field

‘Jay and Silent Bob at the beginning of ‘Scream 3’’
22 Movie Cameos That Were Completely Out of Left Field

Celebrity movie cameos are a win-win-win situation: the audience gets a new reason to turn out for the movie, the celebrity gets a paycheck for doing what they would have already done anyway (i.e., show up to movie sets and be themselves), and the movie gets a touch of added realism.

For that same reason, though, it’s usually not very surprising. Ivana Trump was best known for being rich and divorced, so of course, she appeared in The First Wives Club. Everyone loves to play “spot the Tarantino” in his movies. And it’s honestly surprising it took as long as it did to get Keith Richards on a pirate ship.

That’s why it’s so fun when someone does pop up where you least expect them. According to Redditor Naweezy, the best one was the appearance of a certain robo-cop in a feature-length Saturday Night Live skit. “I always forget the cameo in Wayne’s World where Mike Myers meets Robert Patrick’s T1000 from T2,” they told r/Movies. “Always cracks me up.” 

They then asked, “What are your favorite unexpected cameos?,” and Reddit very expectedly had plenty of answers for them.

Wayne’s World 2

Last Action Hero

Jurassic World

Scream 3

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies


Coming to America

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Reno 911!: Miami

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

The Dictator

Jersey Girl



Maximum Overdrive


Happy Gilmore

Back to School

The Other Guys

Training Day

The Indian in the Cupboard

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