Whoopi Goldberg Didn't Need Direction While Voicing Boobs in 'Babes'

Pamela Adlon admits that Goldberg refused to take notes on her performance as a pair of talking ta-tas
Whoopi Goldberg Didn't Need Direction While Voicing Boobs in 'Babes'

EGOT-winner Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t need to be taught how to play a pair of tits – she already knows a thing or two about Golden Globes.

In the upcoming R-rated comedy BabesKing of the Hill star Pamela Adlon stretches her directorial legs as she helps Broad City star Ilana Glazer bring her screenplay about an aggressively single woman who stumbles through an unexpected pregnancy with the help of her married, mother-of-two best friend to life. In Babes, Glazer plays the aforementioned baby belly bachelorette across from comedian, actress and podcaster Michelle Buteau as they tackle the most touchy and under-discussed realities of pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood in graphic detail. And, since any debut director knows that she needs to milk her limited budget for all its worth, Adlon enlisted the breast celebrity guests to support the core cast as she picked Goldberg to play Buteau’s boobs in a psilocybin-induced psychedelic scene wherein Buteau’s mammaries get mouthy for once instead of her kids.

On last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Adlon admitted that directing the View co-host as Goldberg prepared to perform the role of talkative titties wasn’t exactly a hands-on experience, saying that the Sister Act star instinctively knew what to do with a pair of twins.

“When they trip on mushrooms, and then, all of the sudden milk starts squirting through (Buteau's) t-shirt – like real milk – they start talking to her, her tits.” Adlon says of the trippy scene in Babes wherein titties start talking, “And it's Whoopi Goldberg."

“Whoopi Goldberg is the voice of Michelle Buteau's breasts,” Adlon added, further clarifying, “Boobies.” When it came to keeping her biggest A-list guest star abreast of the duties required to become a couple of double-Ds, Adlon had the unusual experience of trying to describe her vision of the scene remotely. ”I directed her over Zoom, so, like, she was in a small square on a Zoom," Adlon said of her rejected acting instructions for Goldberg, “I was like, ‘So Whoopi– ’ And she was like, ‘Don’t. Just let me. I know what to do for these tits.'”

That's the only time in Hollywood history that the line “I know what to do for these tits” came up in a conversation between an actor and a director and no one needed to contact The Hollywood Reporter.


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