People Keep Confusing Fred Durst with Robert Durst

He’s more of a property damage guy
People Keep Confusing Fred Durst with Robert Durst

The return of The Jinx is good news for fans of creepy true-crime documentary series. There is one very specific person that it’s absolutely horrible for, however. That’s the former frontman of Limp Bizkit, Fred Durst. The rap-rock pioneer (a pretty questionable legacy) finds himself in the unenviable position of sharing a last name with the late, not-so-great Robert Durst. Combine that with the fact that due to past fame, plenty of people sort of remember his name, and it’s a recipe for confusion.

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This is Robert.

Unfortunately for Fred Durst, the chances of everyone having definitely learned to differentiate Dursts is small. This isn’t just the confusion of an aging relative, either. Even the Associated Press has mixed up the two, having to issue one of the greatest journalistic corrections of the past two years. Fox News made the same mistake, though their batting average on accuracy isn’t that great to begin with.


This is not Robert.

It’s a guarantee that the red-hatted Fred has had about enough of this, given that it’s his third go-around. The first was obviously the original Jinx, when the alternate Durst came flying into the public consciousness. The second was when Robert died, and people immediately began mourning… Fred. In fact, we’ve got word from Fred himself at how annoying this clearly became, with him taking (in good spirits) a photo of himself in a sweatshirt with the words “NOT ROBERT” spelled out on the front in bold font.

Look, Fred, I feel for you, but there’s only one solution here: a new Limp Bizkit album.


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