Did '30 Rock's Jack Donaghy Come with NBC's Latest Awful Idea for the Olympics?

NBC’s next scheme to ruin Olympics coverage
Did '30 Rock's Jack Donaghy Come with NBC's Latest Awful Idea for the Olympics?

It has now been zero days since NBC made a business decision that should have been a 30 Rock joke.

The broadcasting giant’s multi-billion dollar deal to be the exclusive home of Olympics coverage on American television has been an absolute disaster for anyone with any interest in actually watching the world’s greatest athletes compete for gold and glory. Every time the Olympics rolls around, the Sheinhardt Wig Company’s most mismanaged asset unleashes a new layer of bullshit onto their broadcasts that has nothing to do with sports while skipping entire events and cutting away from historic performances just to show another talentless talking head give their take on Simone Biles’ Instagram feed.

At this summer’s games in Paris, NBC will unleash their newest TV hate crime that is, with no irony or hint of sarcasm, an even dumber idea than “SeinfeldVision” — in the middle of events, NBC will deploy five heart-rate monitors on the parents of competitors whose vitals will be shown on screen while their kids compete. I’d rather watch MILF Island.

Not only will the parents of Olympic athletes be subjected to such invasive and unnecessary monitoring, but, according to a Variety report on the litany of terrible ideas that NBC will roll out this summer, the heart monitors may even have an on-screen sponsor that further distracts from the actual athletics taking place. “We are talking about it,” Class-A moron and NBC ad-sales executive Dan Lovinger said of NBCs potential medical device partner for this years Olympics.

Honestly, with how poorly NBC has handled their multi-billion dollar product, it would almost be a relief if we found out that some of the events that resulted in an American victory were staged, à la Jacks inclusion of tether ball in NBCs Olympics broadcasts in the Season Three episode “Believe in the Stars.” Even a staged athletic event is still sort of an athletic event — also included in the additions to NBCs desecration of the Olympics will be a series of segments where rapper and mogul Snoop Dogg does man-on-the-street interviews around Paris for some reason.

With all the inane bullshit that NBC keeps adding to their Olympic coverage instead of, you know, covering the Olympics, the channel seems to be competing for the honor of being the worst thing to happen to American Olympics fans since Jimmy Carter. Peanut farmer.


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