Andy Kindler Is Launching Merciless Personal Attacks on the Biggest Names in Comedy

Kindler calls Bill Maher a ‘92-year-old fascist prune’
Andy Kindler Is Launching Merciless Personal Attacks on the Biggest Names in Comedy

Back in the days when the Just for Laughs festival wasn’t declaring bankruptcy, comedian Andy Kindler had a decades-long tradition of delivering a State of the Industry address. He wasn’t talking about comedy club conditions or the establishment of a working wage for comics — “State of the Industry” was Kindler’s annual rant about the hacky comedians who drove him absolutely bonkers.

But with the festival gone for now, Kindler is using his Twitter/X feed (or as he calls X, “this fascist sewer”) to hammer the comedy names that irk him. Pound for pound, no one is throwing cruel comic punches like Kindler. Here are comedians he’s recently targeted with his acerbic ire — and these are just from the past few weeks.

Larry David

Tired of all the adulation a certain curmudgeonly comic is receiving these days for his final season of Curb Your Enthusiasm? Here’s curmudgeonly Kindler to throw a bucket of ice water on David’s “un-fucking-watchable” victory lap.

Bill Maher

What's not to like about Maher, other than Kindler's belief that he's a "talentless fascist friendly fat shaming bigoted misogynistic putz"?

In another reply, Kindler fired off this gem about Maher: “I’m the exact same age as that hack propagandist. Same year. Have I mentioned that he’s never been a liberal? For one day even. He’s a right wing blowhard.”

B.J. Novak

Hey, Novak’s new movie may be unwatchable, says Kindler, but that doesn’t mean the guy can’t still be an insufferable narcissist.

Jimmy Fallon

Doesn’t sound like “dead inside” Fallon will be booking Kindler on The Tonight Show anytime soon.

Jerry Seinfeld

If Seinfeld is selling wisdom about comedy, Kindler is returning it for a full refund.

Adam Sandler

Sure, the 90s kids may be pumped about Happy Gilmore 2, but Kindler is still waiting for Grownups 9.

Ricky Gervais

Not only does Kindler hate the “hack” star of the original Office but he encourages the rest of the Internet to pile on.

The Rock

The Moana star made headlines when he cried about “woke culture.” Kindler came off the top rope and body-slammed him to the social media mat.

Why spread all the vitriol? Kindler outs himself with this sarcastic reply to his own Novak tweet: “I want to be booked for a roast. I’m sure this kind of material would kill!”

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