7 Pandering Times Stars Got Naked on ‘SNL’

A sketch idea for Raquel Welch: ‘The Planet of the Enormous Hooters’
7 Pandering Times Stars Got Naked on ‘SNL’

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When Sharon Stone wasn’t swooning over bare-fisted brawler Lorne Michaels defending her from an angry mob on the Fly on the Wall podcast, she was batting away apologies from Dana Carvey. “I wanna apologize publicly for the security check sketch where I played an Indian man,” he told her. “It's so 1992, you know, it's from another era.” Here’s the crazy thing — Carvey wasn’t apologizing for his offensive portrayal of an Indian dude. Instead, the mea culpa was for a sketch that made Stone do a strip tease on national TV. It’s one of at least 7 times that SNL convinced its guests to disrobe for its horny viewers. 


Sharon Stone

Carvey sums up the sketch succinctly: “We're convincing Sharon, her character, to take her clothes off to go through security.” But Stone told him that no apologies were necessary. “That was funny to me. I didn't care,” she said. “I was fine being the butt of the joke. We're in such a weird and precious time where, because people have spent too much time alone, people don't know how to be funny and intimate with each other.” 


Raquel Welch

Season One’s Raquel Welch episode focused extensively on her cleavage, but it could have been worse. Franken and Davis wrote a sketch called “The Planet of the Enormous Hooters,” where Welch would be an outcast due to her comparatively small breasts, according to Saturday Night: A Backstage History of Saturday Night Live. Michael O’Donoghue wanted to do a sketch where her boobs exploded like twin Hindenburgs. And Chevy Chase insisted that whenever Raquel was on screen, the camera should slowly slip down from her face to focus on her chest. Lorne nixed the idea, opting for other sketches in which her dress was falling off.


Sarah Michelle Gellar

On Rosie O'Donnell’s show, Gellar explained that due to construction in Studio 8H, the “Holding Your Own Boobs” fake commercial had to be filmed on Rosie’s set so the work crew wouldn’t see her topless. She was actually naked from the waist up and only 20 years old at the time. 

Jane Curtin

After sexy Chevy Chase left, Jane Curtin got real-life criticism over the supposed decline of Weekend Update. Her no-nonsense news anchor got a big laugh when she vindictively tore open her blouse and snarled, “Try these on for size, Connie Chung.”

Kacey Musgraves

The singer chose to go completely nude for her performance of “Justified.” “It was an idea that hit me last minute,” Musgraves told V Magazine. “A lot of my ideas come like a lightning bolt with no explanation. A couple of days ago I was getting a workout and I had this image pop into my mind of Jenny from Forrest Gump, naked on a stool. I just thought, with ‘Justified,’ I had to do it.”

Lena Dunham

Dunham was never shy about getting naked on HBO and she bared all again in a Girls parody set in the Garden of Eden. “There is an old saying: If you’re nervous about giving a speech, just imagine the audience naked,” she joked during her monologue. “Or at least imagine that they haven’t seen you naked.”

Emma Stone

Forget low-slung tops or hands covering private parts. In December, this year’s Academy Award winner Stone and most of the cast got “Fully Naked in New York.” If you believe the song, she’s never felt more free than when her big white ass is flapping in the breeze. 


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