A ‘Simpsons’ Clip Describes Your Favorite NFL Team’s Season Better Than Tony Romo Ever Could

‘Whatever, I’ll be at Moe’s’
A ‘Simpsons’ Clip Describes Your Favorite NFL Team’s Season Better Than Tony Romo Ever Could

For decades, NFL Films has stood as the classy chronicler of football history, with the sonorous voice of John Facenda describing the game’s giants and their mighty exploits. What were the Minnesota Vikings of the 1970s really like? You could count on NFL Films to cement a team’s place in the pantheon of gridiron greats. (The NFL is a little, erm, persnickety about posting pigskin memories, so you’ll have to click through to YouTube to see for yourself.)

NFL Films is still around, producing sporty soap operas like Hard Knocks for HBO. But these days, the true football fan turns elsewhere for their teams’ year in review. I’m talking, of course, about the @SimpsonsNFL Twitter feed. For a fast, funny encapsulation of football fortunes, this one has it all.

Take the Detroit Lions, the forever hapless squad that somehow found themselves in this year’s NFC championship game leading 24-7 at the half. Only four teams have never made it to the Super Bowl. Two of them, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans, are expansion teams that weren’t around for much of the Super Bowl era. A third, the Cleveland Browns, disappeared for several years while its previous incarnation was winning two Super Bowls as the Baltimore Ravens. That left Detroit, which seemed to be on the verge of finally breaking through. We’ll let The Simpsons summarize what happened:

What about the Carolina Panthers, who traded a treasure trove of current and future draft picks to the Chicago Bears for the right to select undersized Heisman Trophy winner Bryce Young as its franchise quarterback?

There’s also the Philadelphia Eagles, who started the season 10-1 before making like Homer in this clip:

The Dallas Cowboys overtook the Eagles, for all the good that did them.

Could the New York Jets turn it around behind new quarterback Aaron Rodgers?

The aforementioned Ravens ruled the AFC. For most of the season, anyway.

Similarly, everything went right this year for the San Francisco 49ers — until it didn’t.

That’s because, In the end, only one team gets to end the season on a happy note. So it’s only fair that The Simpsons gave the Kansas City Chiefs its due. 

How did your team fare? This thread reveals all. Unfortunately, if you’re not from Kansas City, your year likely ended with a D’oh!


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