12 Extremely Pedantic Continuity Errors in ‘Seinfeld’

Does Kramer wear boxers or briefs? It cannot be both!
12 Extremely Pedantic Continuity Errors in ‘Seinfeld’

Sure, George mentions he has a brother in “The Parking Space” and Jerry says he has a sister in “The Chinese Restaurant” when clearly they’re only children during the rest of Seinfeld, but those glaring continuity errors aren’t the ones that bother me during my umpteenth Seinfeld rewatch. Instead, it’s the minuscule, pedantic ones that only a psychotic Seinfeld superfan like me would ever notice. 

For example, in Season Six’s “The Pledge Drive,” George says he didn’t have a mantle growing up. However, way back in Season Two’s “The Statue,” George mentions that he broke a statue that sat on his mantle as a kid. But how, Mr. Costanza, if you had no mantle?

That’s the kind of stuff that sticks in my craw. Here are 12 more such egregious errors that are nearly impossible for me to forgive…

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Jerry’s Vomit Streak

In Season Five, Jerry says he hasn’t vomited since June 29, 1980. Yet, in Season Three’s “The Dog,” Elaine mentions having seen Jerry throw up, which is impossible since, in that same episode, she says she moved to New York City in 1986.

‘It’s All Pipes’

In “The Wife,” when George talks about peeing in the gym shower, Elaine asks Kramer if he pees in the shower and he says he takes baths. But on several other occasions, Kramer is clearly a shower-taker. We even see him eating in the shower in Season Nine.

Boxers or Briefs

Speaking of Kramer’s personal habits, he makes very clear his hatred for boxer shorts in Season Six’s “The Chinese Woman,” but he’s wearing them no problem just a season later in “The Doll.”

Does Jerry Respect Wood?

In “The Bookstore,” Jerry is outraged when Kramer doesn’t use a coaster, yet he carelessly puts a cup down on George’s parents’ coffee table in “The Cigar Store Indian.” So, does Jerry respect wood, or doesn’t he?

Kramer’s Coma Knowledge

In Season Eight’s “The Comeback,” Kramer seems unaware that someone can awake from a coma, but way back in Season Three, he’s well aware of this fact. 

Monk’s Hours

My friends over at The Place to Be: A Seinfeld Podcast point out that the sign for Monk’s says it’s closed on Sundays, yet in “The Junk Mail,” Jerry specifically notes that it’s Sunday while they’re eating at Monk’s.

For the Love of Costanza

Another one from The Place to Be: In Season Six, George tells Jerry in “The Face Painter” that he’s only ever said “I love you” to a dog. But in Season Two’s “The Ex-Girlfriend,” George says that his girlfriend Marlene had squeezed it out of him.


On the topic of apartment numbers, in the final season of the show, Jerry’s bird-owning neighbor, Phil, is shown to live in apartment 5E, yet this has heretofore been Newman’s apartment number. 

Estelle’s Jimmy Arms

Frank Costanza reveals in Season Eight’s “The Money” that he and Estelle have slept in separate beds for 30 years thanks to her “Jimmy Arms.” Just three seasons earlier, though, Estelle finds a condom wrapper in the bed she shares with Frank.

No Booths for You

In “The Foundation,” there’s a brief shot of the other wall of Monk’s, which is right up against the booths that the Seinfeld foursome usually sits at. But this doesn’t line up with every other episode featuring Monk’s, which regularly shows more booths on the other side of theirs, not a wall. 

Elaine’s Dancing

Finally, check out how Elaine briefly dances in Season Seven’s “The Wait Out.” Where are the thumbs and the little kicks as seen in “The Little Kicks” a season later? Elaine does not dance like this!

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