7 Disney Characters That Aren’t Mickey Who Are Getting Railed on DeviantArt As Soon As They Enter Public Domain

The floodgates have opened, and I’m along for the ride!
7 Disney Characters That Aren’t Mickey Who Are Getting Railed on DeviantArt As Soon As They Enter Public Domain

By now, you’ve probably heard the latest and greatest news out of the ever-exciting world of copyright law. I tell you, I don’t even need coffee anymore, I just wake up and check my various copyright law newsletters and I’m out of bed with a heart rate approaching “explosion” from the latest trademark battles. The newest casualty of the inevitability of time, and therefore, public domain law, is one of the corporate world’s biggest black-and-white whales: the original iteration of Mickey Mouse known as Steamboat Willie.

When such a recognizable character is kicked unceremoniously from the ivory tower, it opens up all sorts of exciting creative outlets. Suddenly, it’s open season to include them in video games, weird horror movies and every possible customizable object on Etsy. It also opens up one especially tantalizing avenue: the opportunity to draw and publish images of them getting their back blown out without having to worry about legal retribution.

Let’s look to the future for seven other Disney stalwarts we can’t wait to enter the public domain, so that we can see them getting railed on DeviantArt, too…


The Walt Disney Company

Imagine locking eyes like this across the room.

In our heart of hearts, we all know how much we lust for Disney’s most famous… dog? His happy-go-lucky attitude, quiet confidence and massive shoes have made a whole generation curious just what he’s packing behind those slacks. They knew exactly what they were doing when they made his hat sort of look like a green penis shoved into the side of his head. The moment the bars on copyright jail rattle open, I’ll be looking for images that will forever stay between me and my Gawrsh.


The Walt Disney Company

Id let him make a man out of me!

A smooth talker with a long, flowing mustache? This little lizard is just my type, baby. Even if he wasn’t capable of breathing fire, all he’d have to do is aim that mouth at my ear and whisper and I’d feel my temperature rising! Not to mention that supine, svelte body that looks like it was rolled out by God’s own hands like cookie dough. Plus, a level of flexibility that would make a yoga teacher seem like a statue! Buddy, the Huns aren’t the only ones who are coming!

The Clock From Beauty and the Beast’

The Walt Disney Company

Its sex-o-clock!

I have a hunch that pendulum isn’t the only heavy thing he’s swinging around, if you know what I mean. I’m talking a big, rigid, wooden penis, one that I’d like to see rendered in all its glory by a horny art school kid with a drawing tablet. Apparently, his name is Cogsworth, which rings to me of family money. Jackpot! Forget the grandfather, this clock is a straight daddy. He could pound me for an amount of time I could measure by his face!

Jiminy Cricket

The Walt Disney Company

Crickets rub their legs together, but Im spreading mine apart!

I love a man with style, even when that man is not a man and is a little bug. What can I say, I go crazy for a top hat! That’s how I ended up in three separate sham marriages with pick-up artists. I’ve recovered, even if my finances haven’t, and I’m ready to get hurt again! All I want is for this suave little cricket to leap all over me like I’m an abandoned bike on a country fence. When I see him peacocking in his tiny little spats, I can’t lie, something’s growing!

Aladdin’s Magic Carpet

The Walt Disney Company

Whats underneath those tassels, hunk?

You don’t have to worry about sharing blankets with this sexy swath of fabric! Even the best cuddler can’t hold a candle to the magic carpet from Aladdin’s ability to wrap you up tight, like one of those T-shirts for anxious dogs. You can keep your sugar daddy’s Delta Medallion status. I’m riding high on my new lover’s back, as long as I’m careful about shifting my body weight. You don’t need to show me the world, just show me whatever you’ve got going on under the fold! I might have so much rugburn I look like a man flayed and displayed as a message to medieval enemies, but are pleasure and pain not two sides of the same coin?

Mufasa (Cloud Form)

The Walt Disney Company

The winds not the only thing blowing around here!

I see this cloud, and let me tell you, there is a high chance of precipitation! Meaning my jeans are soaked like a Louisiana gator wrestler’s! With age comes experience, and you can’t get any older than being dead. I don’t know if it’s just the sporadic lightning, but I’m definitely feeling a spark. Is it physically possible to have sex with a cloud? I don’t know, but I’m willing to jump out of a plane if it means I can get a couple seconds of aerial hanky-panky before I slam into the ground face-first and shatter like a drunk 21-year-olds iPhone screen.

One of the Brooms From Fantasia

The Walt Disney Company

Im riding those broomsticks! But different from how a witch would do it!

How about you dance right down those stairs and straight up my ass! Awooga!

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