23 of the Most Ridiculous Movies Ever Made

‘The Velocipastor’ is unfortunately exactly what it sounds like
23 of the Most Ridiculous Movies Ever Made

Sometimes, it feels like serious movies get all the love. It’s like unless it’s three hours long, looks like someone pissed on it and features no fewer than three Nazis, it’s not art. Well, that’s just not true. If anything, weird bullshit is more artistic than a thousand Oscar winners because it has the courage to be extremely off-putting to the kinds of people who vote for the Oscars.

Artistic merit aside, “I admit I get a kick out of super cheap Z-grade movies, the sillier, the better,” Redditor Frank_Woodford recently told r/Movies. They explained that one of the “legendary figures of this genre is Doris Wishman” because “in the ‘50s, you could show nudity in the context of nudist ‘documentaries,’” so Wishman “worked around these restrictions and created Nude on the Moon, in which the moon is a nudist holiday camp in Florida. So that's my pick for most ridiculous movie.” 

They then asked, “What is the most ridiculous movie you have ever seen?” and Reddit provided a whole lot of weird bullshit.

Manos: The Hands of Fate



Movie 43

Freddy Got Fingered

Street Trash

Black Sheep

Ninja III: The Domination

Dead Alive

Johnny Mnemonic

Hercules in New York

Joe’s Apartment

Police Academy: Mission to Moscow

The Velocipastor

Killer Sofa

The Mangler



Pink Flamingos

Hardcore Henry

Machete Kills

Four Lions

Mom and Dad Save the World

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