If Trump Doesn’t Win, Roseanne Barr Says ‘They’re Going to Put My Ass in A Gulag’

The communists, Stalinists and fascist Nazis are coming for Roseanne
If Trump Doesn’t Win, Roseanne Barr Says ‘They’re Going to Put My Ass in A Gulag’

Roseanne Barr took the crown for Most Outrageous Speaker at Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest this week, and given the lineup of live wires on the schedule (Donald Trump Jr.the MyPillow guy, and Rob Schneider, for starters), that’s saying something. Take it away, Roseanne!

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Despite some technical difficulties — Roseanne disclosed on X that she accidentally deleted her speech just before going on so “I had to wing it” — she got off plenty of nutty soundbites for the Internet to parse. “I'm all in for President Trump. I just wanna say that I'm just all in,” she begins in this clip. “Because I know if I ain't all in, they're going to put my ass in a gulag. If he loses, I know what they're gonna do. And I don't wanna go to a reeducation camp and have to give all my money to a bunch of losers that never know how to get a job. I don't care about them.

Who exactly does Barr believe is going to throw her in the basement of Jeffrey Epstein’s pizza parlor? Sounds like multiple suspects could be capable of such a heinous crime. "If we don't stop these horrible communists — do you hear me? I'm asking you to hear me — Stalinists! Communists! With a huge helping of Nazi fascists thrown in, plus wanting the caliphate to replace every Christian democracy on Earth. Now. Occupy. Do you know that?”

Watch the clip yourself to experience the confused silence at this part of her tirade. Stalinists, communists, Nazi fascists, caliphate… wait, what now? Do we know what now? 

The screaming goes up another decibel or two as Barr accuses both parties of being crooked and on the take. She just wants the truth! The TRUTH! The truth about what exactly isn’t clear, but apparently, it has something to do with paper-ballot elections. It’s full-on screech mode by the end of the clip, with Barr flexing her biceps like a preening professional wrestler. 

The feedback on social media isn’t great, but at least it’s being amplified by Barr herself. One tweet that called her out as a “disgusting person in history” was shared by the comic with a hearty “Thanks hun!”

To other critics, Barr offers that anyone finding her speech a little off-center is just proof of her power. “Translation for those unaware of how it works,” she offers. “‘Roseanne is crazy’ means ‘Roseanne was right again.’”

With a Presidential election still nearly a year away, Barr isn’t going to the gulag anytime soon, meaning we’re likely to hear more of her rants. Newsweek asked the comic earlier this month why she continues to spout off given the public backlash to her political opinions. “It's important for me to keep speaking because I can't let the fuckers win,” she replied. “That's why.”

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