Five Funny Things About Oblivious, Wealthy White Women with Leah Rudick

Have you heard about this place called Costco?
Five Funny Things About Oblivious, Wealthy White Women with Leah Rudick

In a world of income disparity, class divides and rampaging Karens, how the heck did comedian Leah Rudick’s TikTok sensation Wealthy Woman become so darn beloved? She’s everything we should hate — self-absorbed, insanely rich, and a poster child for white privilege. Rudick, whose new special Spiraling is available on Amazon, Apple TV, YouTube and most everywhere you stream your comedy, believes it’s Wealthy Woman’s entitled bubble that makes her so fascinated by all of the mundane things — Cheesecake Factories, Black Friday sales, Waffle Houses — that the rest of us take for granted. “One of the most common comments I get is, 'When we say eat the rich, we don't mean this one.'” Here are five funny things Rudick shared about her hilariously oblivious Wealthy Woman.

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She Would Hate Shopping at Barneys


“The more mediocre and middle-class things are, the more she loves it,” says Rudick. “She hates actual rich people stuff. She just has lived in that bubble for so long that it's so boring to her.” So that’s a big yes for a trip to a place like Hooters or Cracker Barrel. “When it's through her eyes, it is an adventure.” She’d pass on a shopping excursion to Barneys — same old, same old.

She Would Vote for a Populist


What would a candidate in 2024 have to do to win the vote of Wealthy Woman? “I think it would have to be a person of the people, you know?” says Rudick. “The person who is bringing McDonald's to the masses, and by the masses I mean the upper class.”

You Could Knock Off Her Christmas List at the Mall


What’s on this Wealthy Woman’s list for Santa this year? Socks from Target would be exotic. She’d like to cop a pair of earrings from Claires. “I think she would ask for a Costco membership. And what else? Oh, maybe a broom. She wants to learn. Her New Year's resolution is to learn how to sweep a floor, once she realizes it’s not for witchery.” 

She’s Been Married to Some Version of the Golden Bachelor 15 Times


Wealthy Woman would probably do well on a show like The Golden Bachelor, if only because she’s been married to so many incarnations of that same man. “She kind of has it down,” says Rudick, who believes Wealthy Woman might be in the market for a Home Depot kind of guy, someone who works on cars and knows how to grill a burger. “It’s easy for her to get the Golden Bachelor. She’s been there, done that.” For the Golden Bachelor’s sake, it’s probably best if Wealthy Woman looks elsewhere — her multiple former husbands tend to die in horrific accidents. 

She Reminds Us We’re Surrounded by Miracles


“People connect with somebody who is delighting in things, like the most basic mundane places or activities, and looking at it like it's through the eyes of a child,” says Rudick. “We all live in our own bubbles, right? She's not a bad person because she's rich. She just doesn't have a frame of reference for any of this stuff.”

“There's so much to hate about modern-day culture, consumption and consumerism,” says Rudick. “And at the same time, it’s crazy that you can walk into a store and get anything you want, you know? People like how she reframes things that are in many ways terrible.” 

So thank you, Wealthy Woman, for reminding us that Costco is kind of a miracle.

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