Matt Rife’s Supposed Plastic Surgeon Cancels His Jawline

A TikTok plastic surgeon seemingly claimed to have carved the controversial comic’s iconic facial features
Matt Rife’s Supposed Plastic Surgeon Cancels His Jawline

After TikTok stand-up superstar Matt Rife made the confounding decision to put his following to the torch with his controversial Netflix special Natural Selection, the rest of TikTok started putting out hit pieces about its former golden boy that are absolutely jaw-dropping.

Over the last year, the meticulously-branded comedian grappled with the driving factors behind his rise to, seemingly, become the first great stand-up A-lister to grow his following entirely on TikTok. Rife has bristled at assertions that his popularity is almost entirely among straight women, from Gen Z to their mothers and grandmothers, who are more enticed by his chiseled physique and famous cheekbones than they are impressed by his comedy chops. “You don’t want to walk on stage, and people are looking at your arms rather than listening to your jokes,” Rife told Men’s Health on their TikTok channel earlier this year. “I think it just makes me work that much harder.”

However, yesterday afternoon, a TikTok post from a plastic surgeon influencer (a real thing that apparently exists) blew up with over 8 million views for its apparent claim that a certain comedian, who was previously beloved before a very recent fall from grace, did not have his jawline chiseled by the gods themselves – no, apparently, “Not your mom’s Plastic Surgeon” molded the mandible that makes moms melt. 


While “Not your mom’s Plastic Surgeon” didn’t name-drop the canceled comedian whom he claims as a customer in one of the most bold-faced fast ones that’s ever been pulled on doctor-patient confidentiality, with hashtags like #canceled and #comedian, it didn’t take long for the comment section to draw their own conclusions about who owned the offending face. “Matt Rife needs to take comedy lessons from this man” wrote one user, with another adding, “This is funnier than the entire Netflix special.” Many, many others implored the rest of the plastic surgery TikTok community to search “Matt Rife before vs. after.” 

Earlier this year, Rife vehemently denied having cosmetic surgery done on his literally punchable face during a boxing lesson with Mario Lopez for Access Hollywood, calling the rumor about jawbone implants “the funniest thing in the entire world” and claiming that his facial transformation was due to him finally hitting puberty at 23 years old.

However, despite his claims to the contrary, Rife’s ranks of fans-turned-haters have already declared him to be a facial fraud as both he and they hopefully learned a valuable lesson: plastic surgeons are like stand-up comedians. Don’t trust the ones who come from TikTok.

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