20 Movies That Started Out Great, Only to Turn into Hot Garbage

20 Movies That Started Out Great, Only to Turn into Hot Garbage

It’s a well-known fact among creatives that great ideas are a dime a dozen — it’s the execution that will drive you bananapants. Writing a movie is just really, really hard, and the best premise in the world won’t stop you from scripting yourself into a corner that only a total cop-out will free you from. As a result, a ton of movies with incredible potential just fall apart as the story goes, petering out at best and occasionally going entirely off the cinematic rails.

“For me, it was Glass,” Redditor thehumanpopsicle recently mused. “Great, slow burn and buildup which, as it turns out, was being set up over the previous two movies. Then the last act happened... and then I remembered who was making the movie.” All of which inspired them to ask r/Movies for “a great movie completely ruined by its third act?” and Reddit unloaded its disappointment in genre flips, cliche superheroes and a whole septic tank of lost potential.


The World’s End



Law Abiding Citizen

Ad Astra


Alien: Covenant

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Batman Begins



I Am Legend

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Strange Days

In Time

Black Panther



Wonder Woman

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