22 Spin-Offs People Were Hyped for That Failed Hard

Marvel fans know what disappointment feels like
22 Spin-Offs People Were Hyped for That Failed Hard

You know what’s even better than your favorite TV show? More of your favorite TV show. But spin-offs are tricky business. Follow the wrong character or time period or lose the creative team that drives it, and your series is canceled before it even premieres. For every Angel, there’s a Windward Circle. “Wait,” we hear you say, “what’s Windward Circle?” Exactly.

Unlike almost all other risks, however, this is one that Hollywood seems to be happy to keep taking over and over again. So when Redditor Funandgeeky recently asked r/Television, “What failed spin-off were you hoping would succeed?” Reddit was ready to reveal its highest hopes and most crushed dreams. Spoiler: It’s a lot of Marvel.

The Farm

The Golden Palace



Heroes Reborn

Valley Girls

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance



Green Arrow & the Canaries



Napoleon Dynamite

Marvel’s Most Wanted

Agent Carter

The Lone Gunmen

Supernatural: Wayward Sisters


Planet Sheen

Time of Your Life

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

The Tortellis

The Finder

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