Sitcoms With the Most Undeserved Hate

Sitcoms With the Most Undeserved Hate

u/Helloimafanoffiction kept it simple with a question posed to the r/sitcoms subreddit: Which sitcom do you think gets too much hate? As one might imagine, a handful of mini-fights ensued over whether or not a particular TV comedy was “good” or “ass” — but these nominated sitcoms got the most upvotes for unfair hate. (Reddit punctuation and spelling reproduced as is.)

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“People who weren't alive when it was popular are now saying that it was crap,” griped u/DishRelative5853. “The show is so different from anything out right now that they can't understand why it's still considered very funny by older folks.”

“Friends is just the TV version of nickelback at this point,” says u/randomiseddude. “People talk shit just to talk shit.” (I think this is intended as a compliment to both Friends and Nickelback, but read it how you will.)

u/Lilacblue1 praises Friends’ wit and cast chemistry but understands the blowback. “The hate comes from the lack of diversity and some things that seem a bit icky now with some of the relationships. Those are valid criticisms. It’s still funny though.”

Newer Sitcoms with Laugh Tracks

Cheating? Nah, we’ll allow it because u/DizzyLead is right. Sitcoms from the past 15 years seem to get an automatic ding if they’re filmed in front of a live studio audience. “Having no ‘laugh track’ is not a guarantee of quality, nor is having laughter a sign of inferiority.” 

u/jonenderjunior co-signs. “Yes! One of my pet peeves is people saying they hate laugh tracks.”

“It's perfectly fine if your show is not built around one,” says u/Dark_Moe, “but remove it from an existing show and it's horrible. It's such a shame so few sitcoms utilize it these days.”

Big Bang Theory

Redditors were especially protective of the first few seasons of Big Bang. “I enjoyed the first 3 seasons of TBBT when the guys felt like a genuine group of friends that enjoyed doing things together,” wrote u/Decept1k0n. 

“Exactly the same for me,” agreed u/upsidedownpickle13. “First 3 were good. I liked the first half of season 4 as well. After that, it just got boring. Totally over-hated show, though.” 

Maybe it was a certain kind of fan who flamed the hate, suggested u/SomethingCreative13. “Most Big Bang Theory criticism I've seen almost always comes across as people who perceive themselves as nerds being upset at a show for making fun of nerds and nerd culture and are incredibly aggro about it. It's very rare that I see someone go ‘I gave TBBT a shot and just didn't care for it.’ It's always someone aggressively mad about the show.”

Modern Family

u/tdawg-1551 nominated “the characters in Modern Family. People take that show way too seriously. I get you might not like all the characters, but people rage hate some of them on that show.”

“I hated Modern Family when I first saw a clip of it, because the character I saw was a late-season Cam” admits u/BreadlinesorBust, “and I thought the acting was really over-the-top (it turns out that's just the way Cam is all the time)”

“oh ok i kinda get that,” says u/yayziz. “but i personally think people who didnt watch more than 3 episodes of a show dont get to decide if its a bad show or not.”

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