23 Movies That Sound Stupid But Actually Rule

There’s no normal way to describe ‘Lars and the Real Girl’
23 Movies That Sound Stupid But Actually Rule

Some of the best movies are necessarily hard to describe. They’re dense and complicated, so trying to boil them down to a sentence produces a really dumb one. Try explaining to people that the most recent Best Picture winner was about a family-run laundromat but also a multiverse where people sometimes have hot dog hands or how one of the most acclaimed movies of all time is a day in the life of a group of people variably involved in organized crime who are all connected by a gangster whose briefcase was stolen. You’ll sound like an asshole.

This was on Redditor redlorryyellowlorry9’s mind recently because “I was talking to someone at work about films the other day and I mentioned I’d recently seen The Prestige,” they wrote. “He somehow had never even heard of it, yet when I described it as a film about ‘two rival magicians trying to discover each other’s secrets,’ he laughed at me and said that sounded awful.” 

To be fair, he’s not wrong. And so, redlorryyellowlorry9 proceeded to ask r/Movies, “What great film has a premise that makes it sound like it’ll be terrible?” and Reddit commiserated about blow-up dolls, sexually transmitted demons and sports math.

The Social Network



Lars and the Real Girl

12 Angry Men


Groundhog Day

In Bruges


Mulholland Drive

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

It Follows

Jojo Rabbit


Spirited Away

There Will Be Blood

The Lego Movie

Swiss Army Man

What We Do in the Shadows

Glengarry Glen Ross

Green Room

Fight Club


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