22 TV Series That Should Be Resurrected and Given a Proper Ending

Justice for ‘Pushing Daisies’
22 TV Series That Should Be Resurrected and Given a Proper Ending

In the golden age of television, it wasn’t uncommon for a series to run for multiple decades, but these days, it can be cut short for any number of cruel and unjust reasons. Maybe someone pissed off a vengeful studio exec. Maybe the showrunner turned out to be a rampant sexual predator. Maybe, despite the viewers’ best and honestly pretty annoying efforts, the ratings just weren’t there. With franchise fever, maybe a movie was written to be the first chapter, but then it bombed.

Whatever the case, a masterful and beloved series can be cut down in its prime, left dangling from a cliff with no hope of viewer resolution. As a result, Redditor Random_Introvert_42 recently asked r/Movies, “If you could un-cancel one movie series or show to give it the intended end, which one would it be and why?” 

For its part, Reddit decried the unfairest and most abrupt endings — from the usual suspects to the recent stings to the ones we only wish were different.



Raised By Wolves



Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles



The OA



The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

My Name is Earl

Pushing Daisies



The Expanse


Santa Clarita Diet

Freaks and Geeks


Game of Thrones

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