23 of the Most Pretentious Movies Ever Made

These films are huffing their own cinematic farts
23 of the Most Pretentious Movies Ever Made

There are three kinds of movies: good ones, bad ones and bad ones that think they’re good ones. (There’s also romantic comedies, which operate outside a linear good-bad continuum, but that’s a different article.) The latter can be even more insufferable than your run-of-the-mill stinker. A bad movie might have awful acting, unhinged pacing and plot holes big enough for Michael Bay’s hard-on for dynamite, but a pretentious movie will have all that while also bending over to smell its own farts the whole time.

Over in r/Movies, Redditor Ornery-Mode992 was pondering just such butt-sniffing. “For me, (it’s) a movie that tries to be something it’s not and possibly fails, but it could also be a movie that’s trying to be smarter than what really is,” they said. After which, they asked, “What do you think is a pretentious movie?” 

Reddit, of course, was more than ready with countless tales of Oscar bait, missed opportunities and a whole lot of Hollywood circle-jerkery.

Garden State

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close




American Beauty


Don’t Look Up

The Blind Side

Cloud Atlas




La La Land




The English Patient

Eat Pray Love

The Shape of Water

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Now You See Me

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