5 Best ‘SNL’ Commercial Parodies About Fast Food

We’ve got swine fever — and it’s contagious!
5 Best ‘SNL’ Commercial Parodies About Fast Food

The inscrutable minds behind SNL social media make some of its classic fast-food commercial parodies difficult to find. Where is Dell Stator’s Rabbit Hut, for example? How about Derek Jeter’s Taco Hole?  

That said, we’ve still got plenty of finger-lickin’ funny to choose from. Here are five SNL commercial parodies that stick it to fast food…

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Carter ‘N Sons BBQ

Normally, we’d say this parody was showing its age. The swine flu feels like a distant memory, but our recent national nightmare dealing with COVID makes Carter ‘N Sons BBQ feel strangely relevant. Note to ad agencies: Maybe any campaign that suggests we’ll get a contagious fever, even for delicious pulled pork barbecue, is probably a bad idea going forward.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ should make more commercials that feature the faces (and words) of its real customers — “I come to Dunkin’ every day, grab a donut, take a big dump. That’s kinda the routine.”  We like Casey Affleck in this better than Manchester by the Sea.

Wing Pit

Why be good on wings when you could be great on wings? The very ethos of fast food is gluttony at a reasonable price — Wing Pit just doubles down on that premise. For this year’s Super Bowl, we’ll order the Tray of Tears with a variety of ethnically troubling sauces. What Asian country is Asian Zing supposed to be from again?

Bok Bok

More fast-food restaurants should buy airtime to “clear up a few things you might have heard about our mascot.” We get that mascots in general are designed to appeal to children, but maybe keep them at a distance anyway? Learning that we won’t run into “Momo in a chicken suit” is the kind of knowledge that would keep us coming back to Bok Bok again and again. That and the flavorful fixin’s.

Donald Trump’s House of Wings

Before SNL did or did not help Donald Trump win the presidency by inviting him to host during an active election campaign, the show welcomed him as a simple reality TV star back in 2004. “Cock a doodle doo, folks,” schmoozed Trump as he invited America to taste his signature chicken wings. This one goes over-the-top when the cast arrives in chicken suits, substituting “Trump” in a cover of the Pointer Sisters’ “Jump.” 

Simpler times, folks, simpler times.

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