35 Commercials That Defined the ‘90s

You could be on your deathbed and still remember the Sears Kenmore air-conditioning campaign
35 Commercials That Defined the ‘90s

Every decade has something that defines it. The ‘70s had disco and The Brady Bunch. The ‘80s had MTV and the Cabbage Patch Kids. And the ‘90s had commercials.  

As television sets reached a record number of homes, the landscape of TV in the 1990s was truly a golden era of the medium. And with so many families scheduling their days around what they were going to watch that evening, commercials became more important than ever and marketing executives outdid themselves with ads that featured captivating narratives, had distinct voiceovers or were so in-your-face that you can’t help but still remember them. 

Whether they were successful commercials from the jump or have since been reclaimed as campy ads, here are 35 commercials that scream “Hey man, it’s the ‘90s!”

Miss Cleo

Baby So Real

Sears Kenmore


Grey Poupon



Corn Pops


Baby Bottle Pop


Folgers Coffee

Doublemint Gum

Bagel Bites

Taco Bell

Fruit Gushers



Got Milk?


Budweiser (Again)

Bop It

7-Up (Again)

Hot Pockets


L’Oreal Kids

Lucky Charms

Hungry Hungry Hippos



Bubble Tape

Push Pop

Ring Pop


I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

Guess Who

Herbal Essences

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