All the Other Comedies Bob Barker Made Besides ‘Happy Gilmore’

All the Other Comedies Bob Barker Made Besides ‘Happy Gilmore’

The late Bob Barker was best known for three things — his 35-year run as host of The Price is Right, his unwavering commitment to spaying and neutering your pets, and the time he knocked the snot out of Happy Gilmore

But while Happy Gilmore was the apex of Barker’s big-screen comedy career, it wasn’t the first time he appeared as himself to make us snicker. Here are a few more times Barker came on down to lay on the laughs.

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How I Met Your Mother

Barker holds a hallowed place in HIMYM lore since Barney Stinson grew up believing the venerable game show host was his actual father. Will Barney reveal Barker’s paternity on live daytime television?

Late Show With David Letterman

Barker himself showed up to read “Top Ten Things That Make Bob Barker Angry” and “Top Ten Things Bob Barker Can Say Now That He’s Retiring.” Our favorite from the second list? #7: “Slip Daddy some cash and the Showcase Showdown wheel lands wherever you want.”

Family Guy

Barker made multiple appearances on Family Guy, taking it to Prince for not speaking up like a normal human. 


The Curiosity Company

In 2099, Barker’s disembodied noggin is alive and well in the Head Museum. Don’t try to give him any Happy Gilmore-style guff: "Enough out of you. I may be against the fur industry, but that won't stop me from skinning you alive! As long as no one wears the skin."

The Nanny

Bob Barker didn’t get a lot of funny stuff to do on this episode of The Nanny, although he does scare a dog into running into traffic when it hears Bob’s suggestion about removing its naughty bits. 

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