Roseanne Mocks Maui Fires, Finalizes Career Switch to Professional Troll

If any publicity is good publicity, then this is... good?
Roseanne Mocks Maui Fires, Finalizes Career Switch to Professional Troll

We’re not sure who is advising Roseanne Barr on social media strategy these days, but that consultant (assuming they exist) must believe in the old mantra, “Any publicity is good publicity.” Barr, who lost her iconic Roseanne series thanks to stupid tweets back in 2018, is at it again, this time mocking Maui fires and climate change because, we guess, Roseanne gotta Roseanne.

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Using the Eric Andre “Who Killed Hannibal” meme as a starter kit, Roseanne created a two-part conspiracy fest. The first image features Andre firing a flamethrower at lush trees with the caption “THE NEW WORLD ORDER.” The second depicts raging Maui wildfires with the blurb, “OH NO, GLOBAL WARMING STRIKES AGAIN.” What exactly Roseanne is trying to say here is unclear — the ghost of Jeffrey Epstein set Hawaii on fire and blamed climate change? The Illuminati doesn’t want us to have nice things? Whatever the message, some Roseanne fans are here for it. 

Roseanne isn’t the only comedian shaking a fist at the conspiracy clouds hovering over the Maui fires. 

Conservative comic Rob Schneider blasted Joe Biden for “hating Americans,” an indisputable fact considering that as of last Tuesday’s tweet, only $1.9 million (Breitbart reports that Schneider’s figure is according to “some estimates”) had been committed to wildfire victims compared to $115 billion billion (we’re pretty sure Schneider only meant the first billion, but hey, he tweeted what he tweeted) to Ukraine. 

Say this for Roseanne and friends — trolling works, if social media response is the goal. Her Maui wildfire tweet has nearly 555,000 views and has been reposted more than 8,000 times, about four times the action she got posting a pink-outfitted selfie comparing her look to Kim Kardashian’s. 

Considering Roseanne has a new anti-woke show coming soon on, you guessed it, Elon Musk’s X, these tweets serve as an innovative form of show promotion. But at this rate, Elon, Roseanne, and Rob seem intent on setting the entire platform on fire.

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