‘Heartbreaking’: Sandra Bernhard Reacts to Roseanne's Anti-Woke Show

‘Heartbreaking’: Sandra Bernhard Reacts to Roseanne's Anti-Woke Show

No wonder the U.S. unemployment rate is so low — even Roseanne Barr has a job again. She recently signed a six-figure deal with PublicSq (an online retailer which bills itself as “Amazon for conservatives”) for a new, anti-woke show that will live on Elon Musk’s X platform. What exactly will the show be, besides “anti-woke”? According to Page Six, it could be stand-up comedy. Or a sketch show. Or who knows, vitriolic ventriloquism? All that’s really known at this point is that it will air monthly and be at least a half-hour long. We can’t wait.

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Someone who can wait is her old comedy partner-in-crime and Roseanne co-star Sandra Bernhard. When she appeared on Andy Cohen Live earlier this week, the titular host asked Bernhard what she thought of Roseanne’s new show. “Heartbreaking,” she replied. “I mean, she’s one of the most original, fabulous voices in comedy. I just don’t know what’s happened.”

Bernhard admits she hasn’t spoken to Roseanne “in a real long time, sadly.” The two had a falling out in 2018 after Barr spewed racist tweets about Valerie Jarrett, an advisor to Barack Obama. ABC canceled Roseanne soon after, and on her Sirius XM radio show Sandyland, Barnhard admitted that she’d “kinda had it” with Barr.

“I don’t understand how anybody who is as smart as Roseanne is could have gone this deep over the line,” Barnhard said. “I don’t care if you’re ultra-conservative or uber-left, it’s just like — racism.”

It doesn’t sound like Roseanne will be retreating to calmer waters on her new show. “We’re followers of Elon and it’s pretty evident to us that whatever we want goes,” Barr told the New York Post. “It’s a great way for people to fight back against totalitarianism.” 

Barr was probably referring to those fascist dictators over at YouTube, which took down a Theo Von video in which Barr (sarcastically?) denied the Holocaust and complained about Jews controlling the media. Sounds like that’s all fair game over at X — Elon Musk knows good comedy when he sees it. Cough.

Barr’s son, Jake Pentland, believes X might be the best, last home for humor on the Internet. “Elon’s push since he bought Twitter is all about free speech — he stands by comedy, which is a crucial part of the First Amendment,” he told the New York Post. Roseanne’s new show will be “funnier than programs on other platforms” since X is “the only platform that allows free speech.”

Er, Jake? Did you watch your mom’s Fox Nation special with its knee-slappers about the “baby blood-drinking Democrat community”? Free doesn’t always equal funny. 

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