Jerry’s Most Hated Girlfriends on ‘Seinfeld,’ According to Reddit

Jerry’s Most Hated Girlfriends on ‘Seinfeld,’ According to Reddit

u/Puzzleheaded-Kale434 didn’t beat around the bush this week on the r/seinfeld subreddit. “Jerry’s GFs, who’s the most hated?” was the question, accompanied by an impressive photo collage of Seinfeld’s many dates. As u/Arcade23 points out, “You never notice when you’re watching the show but seeing them all together like this, Jerry got around!” Here are Jerry’s six girlfriends with the most hatevotes. (As always, we’re reproducing the comments as is without corrections — hey, no one goes to Reddit for the spelling.)

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Marla the Virgin


“I don’t like that holier-than-thou attitude,” says u/MsNardDog. “Get off your high horse.”

“THANK YOU!” agrees u/babubaichung. “I was watching this episode just last night and it was so infuriating to see her prudish behavior. And to think she robbed Elaine of her date with JFK Jr.”



Rachel was Jerry’s most dated girlfriend not named Elaine, but the girl who made out with him during Schindler’s List isn’t a fan favorite. In fact, “Rachel is the worst,” according to u/incogspeedo. 

“She’s got greeting problems,” chimes in u/BxSpatan. u/CELTICPRED puts it bluntly: “Rachel is a piece of shit.” Maybe that explains why Jerry wasn’t upset to see things come to an end.

Nina the Plagiarizing Painter


Nina will go down as the painter of The Kramer, artwork that adorned thousands of a certain generation’s dorm rooms. But her jealousy, as well as her plagiarized “don’t dump me” letter, earned Nina the wrath of Redditors. “The nerve of that woman!” says u/GarysCrispLettuce. u/jimmyrich applauds the great Catherine Keener for making Nina so despicable. “It’s to her credit as an actress that we loathe her character.” 



The Debra Messing character is delightful if you can overlook her disdain for the Blacks and the Jews. u/Individual-Bad6809 on one of hundreds of Redditors who think she is the worst: Beth is a literal Nazi so prob her lol”

Tie: Cindy the maid and Donna Changstein


The dual nomination has the most upvotes, though it’s not a good look for Jerry in either of these relationships. Let’s start with Cindy the maid, a woman who Jerry starts having sex with despite the fact that she’s technically his employee. u/agetro82 posted this dialogue which does a good job of explaining the problematic power dynamic at work here:

CINDY: You know, I don't think I want to be your girlfriend or your maid.
JERRY: So is this a breakup/quitting?
CINDY: Yeah. Don't ever call me or hire me again.
JERRY: Oh, yeah? Well, then, we're through! And you're fired!

Jerry also had dubious reasons for wanting to date Donna Chang, asking her out sight unseen since it would be his “first date ever with the Pacific Rim. I’m very excited!” 

But Donna Chang is actually Donna Changstein, a white woman from Long Island. “I've always had an irrational hatred of Donna Chang,” says u/DavidGhandi. “I don't think she's that hot. Plus she's such a phony”

“That's ridicurous,” says u/Immediate-Jeweler159, repeating Donna dialogue that demonstrates why she's so deplorable. “I originally was having a hard time with this decision,” confesses u/ SV650rider, “but as an Asian, yeah, I'm going to go with Donna ‘Chang’.”

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