22 Movies That Changed the Game

Redditors weigh in on movies that altered filmmaking forever
22 Movies That Changed the Game

We’ve come a long way from the days when audiences fled theaters in a panic at the sight of a train coming toward them on the big screen. Now, we just feel a slight panic when the IMAX speakers trick our fight-or-flight instincts into thinking a car chase is suddenly coming from right behind us. Along the way, there was a first for everything. The first movie with recorded sound, the first filmed in color, and yes, even the first toilet.

These were, presumably, the thoughts of nate6259 when they asked r/movies, “What’s your favorite ‘this changed what was possible’ movie example?” They cited, for instance, Toy Story as the first full-length 3D movie and The Jazz Singer as the first with sound. (Another user, naynaythewonderhorse, used their magical equine abilities to point out that the first line of The Jazz Singer was, in fact, “Wait a minute, I tell ya, wait a minute! You ain’t heard nothin’ yet!”) 

The resulting thread was insightful, educational and not a little scatological, so we combed through it to bring you the best of the best…



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