15 Dark Humor Jokes from Seth MacFarlane Shows

MacFarlane’s darker comedic sensibilities can’t be contained to a single show
15 Dark Humor Jokes from Seth MacFarlane Shows

In case you haven’t watched his animated shows over the last 20 years, Seth MacFarlane is a sick man. Don’t let his love of musical theater fool you; underneath all that song and dance is a man with a very dark sense of humor. If you’re questioning this, it won’t take us long to show you why we’re making such a claim.

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And so, let’s get right to it: Here are some of the darkest jokes from the MacFarlane TV universe...

Roger and Francine’s ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’ Roleplaying Goes Off the Rails

In American Dad, Roger and Francine got way into character when trying to scare off the people they were hosting. The joke is dark but isn’t too dissimilar from the source material they’re referencing.

I’m a Bear

On The Cleveland Show, Tim the Bear remembers what he is and lets Donna know in gruesome detail.

Peter’s School Shooting Plan

In typical sitcom fashion, Peter plans on infiltrating his kids’ school by posing as a student. In atypical sitcom fashion, it turns into a Columbine joke.

Stan Washes His Mom in the Bathtub

American Dad’s Stan Smith has a close relationship with his mom — a very uncomfortably close relationship.

Laura Bush Killed a Guy

Like many spouses, Peter and Lois dress up in a couple’s costume for a Halloween party on Family Guy. Unlike most couples, theirs is a reference to the time in 1963 when Laura Bush drove past a stop sign and crashed into another car, killing the driver.

The Plot to ‘Baby Mama’

On Family Guy, Stewie brings up the ages of the stars of Baby Mama and the possible result of the film if it were to happen in real life. It’s… well, it doesn’t end well.

Loretta’s Death

When Cleveland left Family Guy to star in The Cleveland Show, he got a new family while leaving his ex-wife Loretta behind. She would then be killed off in the most dignified way possible.

Peter’s Lawsuit Against Dr. Hartman

Peter takes Dr. Hartman to court over a routine prostate exam that he made up as a series of violating flashbacks. 

Nathan on ‘American Dad’

This is victim-blaming but, yeah, to continue with the theme, darkly funny.

Stewie’s Set-Up

Stewie fools a high school girl into committing a disturbing crime and then struts his way out of the school.

‘Family Guy’s Prom Night Dumpster Baby

The title says it all.

The ‘Peanuts’ Reunion

Family Guy references a Peanuts reunion when the gang is all grown up, but things take a turn that Charles Schulz would have never intended.

Roger Kills Five People Over $20

American Dad is just saying that if you get a ride in a limo for $20, you should just pay the $20. You never know who you’ll piss off if you don’t.

‘Family Guy’s Commentary on Racial Profiling

You’ve Got AIDS

Getting such a diagnosis via musical number seems cruel, yet catchy as hell.

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