‘Simpsons’-Inspired Steamed Hams Lager Goes Great with Burgers

A former ‘Simpsons’ writer teamed up with a Portland brewery to make the perfect pairing for a patented Skinner burger
‘Simpsons’-Inspired Steamed Hams Lager Goes Great with Burgers

With Memorial Day behind us, summer 2023 has unofficially begun. And starting this year, the good people of Springfield, Oregon, can unwind with some isometric exercises, a platter of patented Skinner burgers and a fridge full of Steamed Hams Lager as they enjoy the Northern Lights.

A month ago, Bill Oakley, former Simpsons showrunner and writer of the iconic “Steamed Hams” vignette from the Season Seven episode “22 Short Films About Springfield,” partnered with the Portland-based brewery Level Beer to create an “Albany Style” lager inspired by the scene that has grown into a legendary part of the Simpsons canon in the nearly three decades since it first aired. 

Oakley announced the release of the referential brew in an Instagram post that’s dripping with Easter eggs and contains the most unshocking suggestion — Steamed Hams Lager goes great with hamburgers.

Sadly for those outside the Pacific Northwest, the Steamed Hams Lager is available almost exclusively in Oregon and Washington, though Oakley teased that Level Beer will be partnering with regional breweries to expand access to Steamed Hams Lager in other areas of the country. No word yet on whether Albany will get a taste of the beer that bears their most iconic local expression.

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