29 Tweets and TikToks That Kept Us Laughing All Week

29 Tweets and TikToks That Kept Us Laughing All Week

Last week beat HBO’s ass. The day finally came for the network to drop the recognizable part of its name in favor of the newly branded “Max.” In addition to getting roasted by plenty of people on Twitter, the streamer also caught flak from the Directors Guild of America when their new interface lumped writer, director and producer credits into the singular, head-scratching category of “creators.” While Max execs described it as “an oversight” that has since been corrected, imagining Martin Scorsese doing TikTok dances in the Hype House is pretty funny. 

The week wasn’t just Max gaffes, though. In a series of events that feels straight out of Veep, Ron DeSantis used Twitter Spaces to announce his bid for president, only for multiple technical difficulties to interrupt his glorious moment. 

All the while, we’ve had these hilarious tweets and TikToks to entertain us, as well as provide us with some hard-hitting questions. For instance: Is a hot dog in a taco shell dastardly or culinary ingenuity? Are cats the strongest animal alive? And what do lesbians and the sun have in common?

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