HR Should Really Do Something About Every Adam Scott Character

HR Should Really Do Something About Every Adam Scott Character

In the greatest resurrection since the New Testament, we’re getting another season of Party Down, the beloved comedy series that was canceled way back in the days when people were still complaining about the Lost finale via Myspace. Obviously, Party Down is an ensemble comedy, but it primarily focuses on the exploits of struggling actor/sardonic caterer Henry “Are We Having Fun Yet?” Pollard, played by Adam Scott.

For the third season, Henry reportedly has a new love interest — a client played by Jennifer Garner. This might not seem like the most professional move, but then again, so much of the original show was about Henry’s on-again, off-again romance with fellow Party Downer Casey, which presumably violated company policy and, quite possibly, several food safety regulations.

Come to think of it, awkward workplace romances have pretty much become Scott’s trademark. Harrison Ford has his finger-pointing thing. Tom Hanks has his unnecessary urinary relief thing. And Adam Scott has a tendency to play characters who get together with female co-workers. Case in point: Soon after Party Down, Scott played Ben Wyatt in Parks and Recreation, who secretly starts dating Leslie Knope in defiance of City Hall regulations.

Sure, that’s just two shows — but in the recent Severance, a dystopian nightmare series set in a windowless fluorescent Hellscape, a romance blooms between Scott’s character Mark and his new office-mate Helly. Yes, even in the creepy sci-fi future, this guy is hooking up with cute work colleagues. And like in Parks and Rec, Helly is technically his subordinate — although any ethical qualms about that power dynamic seemingly took a back seat to the existential threat of the corporate mind prison they’re trapped in.

Scott’s next role is reportedly in the Spider-Man spin-off Madame Web, in which he’s rumored to play Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben. Hopefully, for Aunt May’s sake, he’ll be able to keep it in his pants while he’s on the clock for once.

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