Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is Instagramming the Speaker of the House Hearings Like They Were an Episode of 'Veep'

Jonah Ryan, your table is ready
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is Instagramming the Speaker of the House Hearings Like They Were an Episode of 'Veep'

As House Republicans grind through six different ways to reject and humiliate Kevin McCarthy (that number could be higher by the time you read this), Julia Louis-Dreyfus can’t help but feel like she’s been here before.

She pretty much has. The bratty naysayers of the Never Kevin faction, including alleged sex-trafficker Matt Gaetz and hate-tweeter Lauren Boebert, are certainly entitled to their opinions. But the ways in which they express their displeasure make it seem like Veep character Jonah Ryan has sprung to life. 

It’s not hard to imagine the fictional Ryan leading this charge on HBO. He’s the candidate that gained traction by touting anti-vax conspiracy theories and alleging that math was created by Muslims and therefore shouldn’t be taught in schools. 

In Veep’s world, that kind of extreme rhetoric can get a guy elected Vice President of the United States. In our reality, it’s apparently the kind of thinking that determines the next Speaker of the House. What do the Never Kevin representatives want? It’s not clear other than grandstanding chaos that could fuel an eighth season of Veep.  The show’s writers would be hard-pressed to write satire more damningly hilarious than Boebert telling Trump that he “needs to tell Kevin McCarthy that, ‘Sir you do not have the votes and it’s time to withdraw.’”  Is it too late for Emmy voters to nominate Boebert for Best Writing for a Comedy Series? 

Comedy might be our only way out of this mess. Rep. Mark Pocan, a Democrat from Wisconsin, thinks a non-partisan comic could solve Republicans’ leadership problems. They “should probably nominate Bill Murray at this point,” Pocan joked (we think) to Politico. “I think we’re kind of enjoying watching this. There’s something about it. It’s interesting.”

Murray, no stranger to scandal himself these days, just might be the man for the job. Who better to preside over countless votes that keep ending up in the same pointless place?

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