Nathan Fielder Thinks An Andy Cohen-Hosted 'Rehearsal' Reunion Is A Great Idea

Fielder was suspiciously receptive to a 'Housewives'-style reunion -- what is he hiding?
Nathan Fielder Thinks An Andy Cohen-Hosted 'Rehearsal' Reunion Is A Great Idea

The rare intersection of Real Housewives fans and Nathan Fielder followers – all three of them – should be ecstatic to hear that the king of cringe is on board for an Andy Cohen-hosted reunion of the real-life subjects of Fielder’s bizarro docu-series, The Rehearsal.

In a GQ profile earlier this week, Fielder was interviewed by Kor Skeete, the subject of The Rehearsal’s first episode. Skeete asked Fielder if he would ever consider producing a special live event in which the longtime television host Cohen would ask Skeete and other series subjects questions about the unique production process of The Rehearsal and their feelings towards the end result, à la similar Cohen-hosted Q&As for the various Real Housewives shows.

The answer was a resounding “yes,” which makes us suspicious that Fielder may have planted the question and that we, the readers, are already unknowingly in the middle of a Rehearsal Season 2 scheme.

After an uncomfortably long amount of time spent simply trying to connect Skeete and Fielder via Zoom (which was arduously transcribed in its entirety,) Fielder and his breakout star subject bantered about their introduction, Skeete’s feelings about his Rehearsal legacy, and the abnormal nature of Fielder’s on camera personality. 

Skeete is a trivia buff and self-professed television aficionado who, somehow, had not heard of Fielder or his first show, Nathan For You, before answering a cryptic Craigslist ad asking for participants in a televised social experiment that became The Rehearsal. Skeete likened Fielder’s TV persona to a kind of postmodern Dick Clark, prompting Fielder to joke, “I just kind of want to follow Dick Clark's career, I guess. That's what I'm trying to do.”

Skeete said that if Fielder hosted a New Year’s Eve event in Clark-fashion, it would be “a pay-per-view moment,” which perfectly segued into Skeete’s Andy Cohen-inspired pitch. Skeete suggested that Fielder hire the prolific New Year’s Eve master of ceremonies to host one of his Real Housewives-style reunion events with the Season 1 cast of The Rehearsal in celebration of the show’s renewal, saying, “You can host a reunion of the doppelgangers or the Oregon residents and me, the New Yorker resident. I mean that would also be a big sell.”

Fielder’s response was polite and to the point – said Fielder, “Thank you, Kor. This is a great idea and I will look into this at a future date and see if I can arrange this.”

We’re not saying that Fielder is hiding something, but something about that response feels – dare we say it? – rehearsed?

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