Little Rascals: The Curse of Alfalfa

Not all those Little Rascals had happy endings. And in the case of those who played Alfalfa, far from it
Little Rascals: The Curse of Alfalfa

There are a lot of famous movie roles that are widely considered to be cursed, from Superman to Terminators John Connor to any and all characters that were played by Charlie Sheen. But Id like to suggest another, even more potentially ill-fated role: Alfalfa from The Little Rascals.

The child actor who originally played Alfalfa back in the 1930s Our Gang films was a guy named Carl Switzer. Here he is singing a love song while soap bubbles came out of his mouth, which was presumably the Avatar of its day:

Switzer ended up dying in, well, one of the worst ways imaginable. Since the Alfalfa gig obviously didn't last, Switzer fell on some pretty hard times as an adult — even when the Our Gang comedies were turned into the popular TV show The Little Rascals, things didnt improve since royalties werent a thing. 

Eventually, Switzer found himself drunkenly fighting someone over a dispute involving reward money for a lost dog, which only ended when the other guy fatally shot Switzer in the groin. Yeah, he was straight-up Robocop-ed to death. While there was some dispute over whether or not Switzer was wielding a knife at the time, the coroner ultimately ruled it a justifiable homicide.

As for Bug Hall, the guy who played Alfalfa in the 1994 reboot, hes made the leap from actor to religious loon. Hall was recently permanently banned from Twitter” — an increasingly difficult endeavor — seemingly for espousing his creepy religious views, including those involving marriage debt," which is the belief that married men and women are obligated to have sexual intercourse with their spouse when their spouse demands it (aka rape”).

In another tweet, he apparently bragged about enforcing corporal punishment … on his children beginning at the age of 10 months (aka physically abusing a literal baby”). He also wrote a bunch of homophobic garbage I dont care to repeat. And really, its almost impressive that hes found a way to have a worse former Alfalfa life trajectory than the guy who was literally shot in the balls and died over $50.

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