These Cashmere Shawls Are 80% Off And Perfect For The Holidays

These Cashmere Shawls Are 80% Off And Perfect For The Holidays

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Have you ever enveloped yourself in a sweater or blanket made of cashmere? That’s the good shit. It feels like diving into a ball pit where the balls are kittens. Unfortunately, as with everything under capitalism, you pay for quality -- unless you’ve got an in at the Cracked Shop, of course. (That’s you! You have that!) We're getting into gifting season, so if you’ve got a loved one with a fancy witch/rich old lady vibe, allow us to help you out. A Lavisha Cashmere Shawl is always a winner.

This beautiful shawl, made of warm and elegant cashmere wool, is the perfect gift for upgrading your special someone’s winter wardrobe and also making them think you really shelled out for them. It's six feet long, superbly draping over the shoulders and around the neck to completely bundle up those vulnerable areas while remaining sensitive to the skin. Seriously. Kittens.

Plus, of course, it's a style statement, with a soft fringe that enhances any outfit and frills that put a little punctuation on a coat or sweater. You can choose between 17 different colors, so if you're worried people will be like, "Hey, that's the same one you got me," you can be like, "Nuh-uh, don't you see how the color is different? What are you, colorblind?" (Unless colorblindness really does run in the family, then just don't mention the colors to anyone.)

Shopping for people on your list shouldn't be such an enormous pain in the behind, so just get everyone cashmere already. For a limited time, you can get a Lavisha Cashmere Shawl for a huge 80% off $99 at just $19.97.

Prices subject to change.

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