This Smartwatch Is Beating Up All The Prime Day Deals

This Smartwatch Is Beating Up All The Prime Day Deals

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What's that? You missed the second Prime Day because it was barely advertised at all? Oh? You missed the first one too so you didn't get your precious little Apple Watch for $50 off? Hah! Suck it!

Just kidding. We're a solutions-oriented people, which is why we took a look at our inventory and decided we're overstocked on some things. That means, until November 10, you can get savings that are even better than Prime Day on all kinds of things in the Cracked Shop. And yes, there's even a deal on the Chronowatch C-Max Call Time Smartwatch.

Sure, it's not an Apple Watch, but it's still pretty dang good. The C-Max Call Time has a 1.7" full-color touchscreen display, is rated IP67 waterproof, and is supremely comfortable to wear all day, every day, thanks to the soft silicone band. (No more switching Apple Watch straps all the time!)

This smartwatch offers 14 functions in a single device. You can make and answer calls, get message and call alerts, check the weather, control your music, adjust the screen brightness, and like, six other things. It's got several health monitors, a sleep monitor, a stopwatch, an activity reminder, and multi-sport fitness tracking to help you along with your fitness goals. How many is that? Counting is hard.

Finally, it also offers a find watch alert and a remote camera shutter so you can take pictures with your phone without actually having it in your hand. You can even change the watch face! Are you a digital man/woman/other or an old-school analog type? You get to choose!

Prime Day deals aren't even this good. Instead, grab an overstock deal on the Chronowatch C-Max Call Time Smartwatch through November 10. Normally $159, it's 75% off at just $39.99 during that time.

Prices subject to change.

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