Fans Keep Making Dumb 'Simpsons' Video Games Into Awesome Reality

Fans Keep Making Dumb 'Simpsons' Video Games Into Awesome Reality

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Mutant fish, perpetually burning tire yards, and sun-obscuring billionaire megalomaniacs aside, a lot of us would love to live in Springfield, that fictional town that the Simpsons (and, for a brief time, former George and Barbara Bush) call home. Apart from bootlegging Duff beer and building ill-conceived replica houses, one way we can get a little bit closer to visiting the world of The Simpsons is by making the show’s fake video games into a reality … 

There have been a lot of ridiculous games featured on The Simpsons over the years – like the Waterworld game, which memorably cost Milhouse 40 quarters for two seconds of Kevin Costner shuffling around on a dock (which was somehow less terrible than the actual Waterworld game).

Now, despite the fact that this was merely a brief joke about a 27-year-old movie’s troubled production history, a Simpsons fan has made a real Waterworld game for us all to … is “enjoy” the right word? Fortunately, the fan behind the project expanded the game so that it also includes Kevin Costner punching people, sailing a boat, and, of course, drinking his own urine. 

But this isn’t the first time that someone has made a real game out of a Simpsons’ gag; back in 2015, a fan released playable games of Larry the Looter, Escape From Grandma’s House, and even another interpretation of Waterworld.

You can even play a genuine Hockey Dad game, which is basically like Street Fighter if it was set entirely in an ice rink surrounded by children, and fueled by middle-aged impotent rage.

Recently, someone even made a playable version of Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge (actually, more than one person did) despite the fact that the game only existed as the most boring possible alternative to Bart’s highly-desired Bonestorm. If you don’t power drive that ball into the parking lot, you’re doing it wrong.

Hopefully, this means that a My Dinner With Andre game is just around the corner …

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