Usually, homes where important stuff happened or movie and TV sets get turned into ultra-protected museums or torn down, respectively, but what do you do with the ones that are just left sitting there? Turn them into Airbnbs, of course. For mostly absurd amounts of money, you too can not only walk around in pop culture history, you can touch everything inside without some fussy docent scowling at you.

The Big Little Lies House

Big Little Lies


Big Little Lies was as much class porn as it was legitimate drama, so of course, the real estate was stunning. Reese Witherspoon’s character’s 6,000 square-foot house, with an outdoor fireplace, Jacuzzi, and ocean views, is enticing even without a murder mystery, but it will set you back between $3,000 and $5,000.

Twilight’s Swan House


(Summit Entertainment)

If you haven’t emotionally grown since the 2008 election, no one could blame you, so treat your stunted little heart to some brooding where Bella brooded for a little more than $400 a night. Be advised, however, that the house is in St. Helens, Oregon, a several-hour drive from the official Twilight town of Forks, Washington, so you’ll need the money for gas.

The Murder, She Wrote Cottage

Murder, She Wrote


For pure vibes, you can rent the California cottage used for exterior shots of Jessica Fletcher’s house on Murder, She Wrote. It features “stunning ocean views, cozy featherbeds, serene atmosphere and remarkable construction of clearheart Redwood,” but sadly no guarantee of mystery, cozy or otherwise.

Julia Child’s House

For hilarious amounts of money, you can rent Child’s vacation home in Provence, though to be fair, it is a rich-person-suitable vacation home in Provence. Of course, it has a great kitchen, but what if you burned something on Julia Child’s stovetop? The shame would reverberate through your family for generations.

The Caddyshack Yacht


(Warner Bros.)

Of all the movie props you’d assume would have crumbled with the grains of time, the Caddyshack yacht must be up there, but you can get a nice stateroom and even honk the horn for $400 a night. After all, why rent a yacht when you could rent the Caddyshack yacht?

Lily and James Potter’s House

Harry Potter

(Warner Bros.)

Harry Potter fans can do some weird roleplay in the place where it all began, the house where Harry’s parents were killed. It also really does exist in the neighborhood that served as Godric’s Hollow, so you can fully immerse yourself in the experience. Screw Universal Studios -- this is the actual wizarding world.

Top image: Airbnb

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