Why The 'Community' Movie Could Be About Battling (Literal) Pirates

Why The 'Community' Movie Could Be About Battling (Literal) Pirates


Good news for fans of comedy and prophetic hashtags, in addition to its six seasons, Dan Harmon’s Community is now getting its very own movie on Peacock. The news was shared in various media reports and also a Tweet from star Joel McHale which tagged fellow cast members like Alison Brie and Danny Pudi – but weirdly, also Gillian Anderson, which was either a typo, or Gillian Jacobs’ character Britta will now inexplicably be played by the former star of The X-Files.

It still remains to be seen still if two major characters will return; Yvette Nicole Brown and Donald Glover, who played Shirley and Troy respectively, are “not currently attached to the movie.” Troy’s fate is especially mysterious; he was last seen boarding a sailboat with LeVar Burton –

– but then in the following episode, there’s a brief shot of a TV news ticker blurb mentioning that Burton and a “non-celebrity companion” had been “captured by pirates in the Gulf of Mexico.”


While this was clearly just a goofy joke from the same people who brought us the “Ass Crack Bandit”, the cast seems to be taking this twist seriously. During a 2020 livestream reunion, Glover remarked that Troy is “definitely dead” but also suggested a potential movie storyline in which Abed would have to journey to save the lost Troy, an idea everyone seemed to get a kick out of. Plus LeVar Burton recently stated that he’s “absolutely” down for making an appearance in the film – so there’s a not unrealistic chance that the Community movie will be about rescuing Troy and the guy who taught most of us to read from the clutches of pirates. 

Who would direct such an exciting tale of high seas adventure? Harmon has previously suggested Justin Lin as a potential candidate for the Community movie, since he directed three episodes of the show, including the first paintball episode. Obviously Lin has gone on to become a major Hollywood action filmmaker, but his schedule did unexpectedly clear up recently. No word yet on a release date, or whether or not they’ll blow most of the budget on a CGI Chevy Chase ghost.

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