Unlock Humor In a Different Language with Babbel

And right now, Babbel is 55% off.
Unlock Humor In a Different Language with Babbel

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Some say comedy is a universal language, but while watching someone step on a rake and get hit in the face will usually elicit laughter from any audience anywhere, the reality is that humor is very subjective, and the language at the heart of that comedy can make all the difference. Case in point: The movie Airplane! has been acknowledged as a comedy film staple in the U.S. for over 40 years, but likely because of its very specific wordplay, American film critics were four times as likely to name it one of the funniest movie comedies ever as their fellow critics around the rest of the world.

There’s no getting around it: Language is communication, and no avenue can help you break down more of those barriers to communication than a subscription to the Babbel Language Learning App. Babbel has become one of the world’s most respected language-learning methods, with more than 10 million subscribers worldwide. And there’s one major reason for its success: It gets right to what you need to learn about a foreign language and helps you internalize it quickly.

Across all of Babbel’s 14 available languages -- from French, Spanish, and Italian to Polish, Russian, and even Turkish -- lessons are crafted to help learners pick up specific keywords and phrases in a few minutes. In fact, the Babbel curriculum was created in concert with more than 100 international linguistic experts and language teachers and is delivered in fast, digestible 10-minute lessons. Whether you want to learn a language to ask for directions, order a meal, or craft a world-class pun, these courses, led by native speakers, get right to the words and phrases you’ll need to know, so you’ll understand and speak those words and phrases perfectly.

And that isn’t subjective performance, either. Babbel analyzes your speech with its cutting-edge speech recognition technology. This technology tells you how you’re doing and even offers specialized review material to sharpen your growing skills further. Colleen is just one of the fans singing Babbel’s praises, telling Trustpilot, “Babbel is easy to use. I especially like how it teaches understanding by listening, reading, and writing in each lesson. The reviews are very helpful and really do help with retention of the lesson.”

For a limited time, full access to all the learning material for all 14 of Babbel’s core languages is available for life at over half off the regular price. Right now, you can get all of Babbel’s language training goodness at a savings of 55% off.

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