Do The Minions Commit Murder In ‘The Rise Of Gru’? (Seriously)

Cutest homicide in movie history.
Do The Minions Commit Murder In ‘The Rise Of Gru’? (Seriously)

Whether you’re a child, an adult who was dragged by a child, or a rowdy teen in formal wear, a lot of people have seen Minions: The Rise of Gru, the latest movie in the Despicable Me franchise. This time it’s a prequel set in San Francisco in the 1970s – thankfully, it centers on the misadventures of a pint-sized Gru, and not, say, a story in which the titular yellow creatures aid and abet the Zodiac Killer.

Look, there’s obviously a lot of weird stuff going on in these movies about sentient yellow turd-men, but we weren’t expecting a scene in which the Minions get away with cold-blooded murder. Mid-way through the film, some of the Minions are trying to board an airplane but have no money for tickets. Then, in walk a couple of glamorous pilots, which gives the Minions an idea. They steal a couple of pilot's uniforms, then board and fly an airplane – which thankfully doesn’t result in a fiery CGI crash.

But what exactly happened to the pilots that were supposed to fly that plane? Weirdly, we never get a scene where the regularly scheduled pilots show up to find their places taken by Minions, nor is there a shot of the pilots tied up in a storage closet. The omission of any other explanation can lead to only one possible conclusion: the Minions bumped off a couple of pilots in order to secure their place in the cockpit. 

Which is unusual for a children’s animated film; like, no one expects Buzz Lightyear to be casually bludgeoning innocent people to death offscreen between scenes. Although to be fair, the previous movie made it clear that the Minions participated in multiple atrocities throughout history (but were pointedly living in exile during the Holocaust).

So, regardless of what grim fate befell those two pilots, we can be pretty sure that the Minions have a lot of blood on their hands. 

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