MultiVersus Might Soon Welcome Big Chungus

Bugs Bunny's Internet alter ego joins the battle!
MultiVersus Might Soon Welcome Big Chungus

Not too long ago, we praised MultiVersus for making Shaggy an alpha chad, then we joked totally predicted that the hit Super Smash Bros clone would one day introduce Big Chungus, a new and powerful fighter who's an Internet meme brought to life by the magic of the Internet fairy. Warner Bros seems to be on the right track as they have just filed a patent for Big Chungus use in a video game, which can only mean that they canceled the Batgirl film to save money for the Big Chungus simulator, or that they'll bring the big chunky boy to MultiVersus.

Now, a lot of readers might have read the words “big” and “chungus” together in many places, just like they are likely to have seen the image of Big Chungus without knowing what the hell it is all about, so we guess it's worth explaining. Big Chungus wasn't originally a character at all. It all began with Wabbit Trouble, an old Merrie Melodies cartoon featuring a 4-second clip where Bugs Bunny inflates himself to mock the older and fatter version of Elmer Fudd. For over 40 years, Big Chungus was just an intentionally inflated Buggs Bunny, but then the Internet found it, gave it a name, and now Warner Bros has correctly promoted it to actual character status.


If Dragon Ball lore is anything to go by, this form is so powerful and requires so much energy that he's only able to sustain it for 4 seconds. Otherwise, that's just the average lifespan of a Chungus.

Out of nowhere, Chungus had gone from not existing at all to being more popular than Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny combined – at least on the Internet.

Now, all we ask is that they make him look good.

Mighty Game Studio

Pictured: Inspiration to avoid rushing the devs into introducing the character.

Top Image: Warner Bros

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