'Dead Island 2' Is Real, No Longer An Internet Joke

Over ten years later, the zombie sequel is somehow more alive than ever.
'Dead Island 2' Is Real, No Longer An Internet Joke

In 2011, the original Dead Island wisely implemented a gameplay mechanic called "using zombies during the zombie craze of the 2010s", something that ensured any game similar to Left 4 Dead would find a considerable amount of success. In this case, however, it's all good because Dead Island was actually fun on its own. The publisher was quick to announce a sequel, but despite its success, Dead Island remained sequel-less for over 10 years, something that totally has got to be a crime in today's economy. Well, they finally showed some gameplay and a release date, so the game is definitely real now. 

That's great but we can't pass up on the opportunity to make fun of how much the promise of a Dead Island 2 has become over the years. Despite being an arguably good game, all of Dead Island's gameplay prowess paled in comparison to its genuinely glorious trailers. We advise our readers to think twice before watching the video below, and not because it's gory – that's what we all have signed up for. The problem here is that it's extremely heartbreaking:

That trailer was so impactful it inspired an almost shot-by-shot remake that became the original trailer for 2014's Goat Simulator: 

But real fans of Dead Island needn't feel sad for seeing their beloved game getting spoofed like that without any hope of a real follow-up because 2014 also saw the release of the first trailer for Dead Island 2. The sad tone of the other trailer probably proved too much for some to handle so for the sequel they tried their hand at something funny. The result was yet another iconic trailer…

… for a game that ended up never coming out. The only thing we've gotten out of that trailer so far was, you guessed it, yet another Goat Simulator parody trailer in 2022.

And the goat proved itself a prophet once again, as that spoof only preceded the real Dead Island 2 announcement by a few months.

Top Image: Deep Silver

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