'Last Of Us' TV Series First Footage Shows Up, Confuses All Non-Fans

We didn't expect the series to take so much from 'Game Of Thrones'.
'Last Of Us' TV  Series First Footage Shows Up, Confuses All Non-Fans

It's been a long fight, but video game adaptations have finally managed to fail all the way up to prestige TV. HBO just released the first look at their The Last Of Us tv adaptation, and it doesn't look bad, but the whole thing is overshadowed by a gloriously dumb editing move. Let's see if you notice it (see at 1:42):

They don't even show the “zombies”  – wait, we know that the game is more about characters than it is about the stuff we'd want in a game so that's not the most important thing, but they unnecessarily shot themselves in the foot with this showcase. The last two shots of this preview show someone finding some weird goo on a wall, a sign that this will be about more than just two people surviving in the post-apocalypse, but it then cuts to a shot of a dragon in the air:

weird cut from last of us to game of thrones

HBO, Naughty Dog

Omg, Dragons come from goo?

We know that our readers are aware that the dragon isn't from the TLOU TV series but rather from that new Game Of Thrones series that somehow exists. Still, the unintentionally weird transition is sure to confuse all the people who have spent millions on state-of-the-art procedures to successfully erase Game Of Thrones from their minds. 

As for the characters, congrats to Pedro Pascal for being exactly as awesome as he always is, regardless of pointless internet comparisons:

And we're pretty sure that Bella Ramsey, the actress playing Ellie will also do great, even though she doesn't say much in the teaser and she's also in goddamn Game Of Thrones. Regardless of her work, people are naturally already complaining about Ramsay's looks because doesn't look like the Ellie in the game. We're considering that they should perhaps shut the hell up because there's no such thing as “Ellie from the game's looks”. Yeah, In the first game they re-modeled Ellie because Elliot Page complained Naughty Dog used his face without permission, then they changed Ellie's face for the remake once again.

Naughty Dog, Sony

same person, same age, same game.

We can't wait to see what they'll say about Abby in the inevitable season 2.

Top Image: Naughty Dog

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