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Remember that summer you read On The Road? Have you been chasing that “rebel without a cause or editor” feeling ever since? Has following travel influencers on TikTok while they live more interesting lives than you just left you feeling annoyed and vaguely hungry? It's time to get out and explore the world, so tap into your inner beatnik with the Eton Elite Traveler Radio & Custom Leather Carry Cover and do it in the most finger-to-the-man way by purchasing this Amazon’s Choice product from us for cheaper. That’ll show ‘Em!

Once you have it, you'll be able to tune into your AM, FM, longwave, or shortwave bands with manual and digital tuning. That allows you to basically choose any radio station you want to listen to so you can check out the news back home, in Egypt, or wherever else you're curious about. Setting the station spacing and frequency is intuitive, so your stations always come through clearly even if you're out in the middle of the desert. You can do it manually, automatically, by memory, or by using auto-tuning storage (ATS).

The versatile radio is perfect for taking on a road trip because it has a clock/alarm/sleep timer with a time backup for any time zone to keep you on schedule when you're zipping between cities. It's powered by a 6V DC adapter or four AA batteries to last for a long time and even lets you plug in your favorite headphones if the people you're with are sick of you listening to the radio.

Find out why the Eton Elite Traveler Radio & Custom Leather Carry Cover was an Amazon's Choice product when you get it for cheaper than Amazon sells it. It's half off at just $49.99 now.

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