Mythbusted: Morrowind’s Creators Didn’t Make It On Shrooms

But many people think that they did.
Mythbusted: Morrowind’s Creators Didn’t Make It On Shrooms

Morrowind isn't the best game in the Elder Scrolls series because it features the deepest gameplay, it's the best because of all that, yes, but also because of how literally fantastic it is – an element that many fantasy properties somehow tend to forget. Even though it takes place right next to Skyrim's generic land and the infinite forest that's Oblivion, Morrowind features a grand variety of creatures, architectural themes, and a wild cast of characters that the series never had the guts to repeat. It's such a crazy place that trolls made up the fun fact that its main writer had to go on a massive shroom trip to craft its world, and a lot of people immediately bought it.

The silt strider, our main source of transportation


No, you're not tripping balls. That's the actual look of a taxi in this mad world.

And we kinda get it. Morrowind is more Mushroom Kindgom than Mario's actual Mushroom Kingdom will ever be. It's a game filled with giant mushrooms, giant mushroom houses, and tiny dwarves with advanced knowledge of mecha technology. These trolls went as far as to get a weird picture of Michael Kirkbride, the game's main writer, as supposed proof that the world of Morrowind was what he brought back from a master psilocybin trip.

a made up fun fact about the game

Michael Kirkbride

“Famously” translates to “we just made it the hell up but it's so good that you're gonna have to share it".

The fact spread like wildfire, but it obviously never had any truth to it.

It turns out that while taking shrooms might sound really cool for recreative purposes, they say, it's hardly something that will help a person come up with ideas sound enough to impress others who aren't already tripping on shrooms themselves. When asked about his actual creative process, Michael Kirkbride succinctly explained:

Michael Kirkbride's actual creative process.

Michael Kirkbride

Yeah, the mushroom thing sounded a lot cooler.

Top Image: Bethesda

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