Horrifying Mythological Creatures We Need In Video Games Right Now

Horrifying Mythological Creatures We Need In Video Games Right Now




At least he's got the good grace to look embarrassed about it.

This guy needs to be a baddie in the next FromSoft game or the main character in a very brave indie title. The Bonnacon from Medieval Europe shoots burning feces out of its mythological butt. Lots of gameplay applications, lots of horrible cutscene possibilities. 



A skinless abomination, the nuckelavee is the legless torso of a man fused upon the back of a horse. The arms of the torso are long enough to drag on the ground and it’s head lolls off it’s neck. The horse’s mouth breathes out toxic fumes. The ancient Scots were terrified of this creature, who for some horrifying reason comes from the sea. Actually, this might be too scary to make it past ratings boards…



The hecatoncheires were so ugly, that Uranus tried to force them back into Gaia’s womb when they were born. He failed, which is no wonder. You try forcing something with one hundred arms and fifty heads back into a cramped space. They couldn’t have been that bad looking though, Poseidon let one of them marry his daughter. This could be great as a boss battle or a misunderstood friend.

Mimick Dogs



Man's best friend? Or worst enemy?

These specialty dog breeds are really getting out of control. The Getulian Dog, also known as a Mimick Dog, were actually in a scholarly text from the 1600’s. It was a monstrous, shaggy dog, thought to be birthed from an ape. They had faces like hedgehogs and could understand humans, dance to music, and even acted in plays. That may not sound scary but a hedgehog faced ape-baby freaks me the heck out. In fact… wasn’t this guy in Elden Ring




Scholars think this was actually just a possum.

Oh good, another horrible water demon. This Aztec legend lured its victims to their death. Covered in spines, with monkey paws and a workable hand on its long tail. It was buddies with the water gods and when it dragged it’s prey to the depths, it would eat only the fingernails, eyes, and teeth, returning the rest of the body intact. Everyone loves a good old fashioned water level with custom enemies.




Cut in half and ready for baby blood!

Romanian vampires are scary enough, but this myth from the Philippines takes it to another level. Usually depicted as a woman with massive bat wings, this evil spirit could sever itself in half, while the top flew around at night. What did they do flappin’ around in the dark? Oh nothing much, just used a hollow tongue to suck out the hearts of fetuses. This is right up CD Projekt Red’s alley.

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