Classic Magic The Gathering fans, it's time to exit the retirement folk for a bit because the new Dominaria United set will release in September and its boosters might contain ultra-valuable cards from the 1994 print of the Legends set. This means that yeah, we can buy a new Dominaria United booster and get a “Tabernacle at the Pendrell Vale”.

Wizards Of The Coast


That's worth just a measly, uh, $3800. That's by far the most valuable card on the Legends set, with the second most valuable, “Chains Of Mephistopheles”, retailing for just $1500 goddamn dollars.

Wizards Of The Coast

It could easily sell for over $2000 if its text were even more confusing.

In all fairness, it's pretty cool that the people responsible for MTG at Wizards Of The Coast are getting rid of their old stock this way instead of, say, just reselling them to hungry collectors for absurd prices. Still, chances are very low that anyone will ever get either of these two – or even any of the other 30 cards from the Legends set that currently sell for over one hundred dollars. 

Wizards Of The Coast

Nicol Bolas has aged like fine wine and currently sells for over $450.

For a chance to get any of the old cards, we'll have to get collector booster boxes, which retail for $300 goddamn dollars. On top of that, while the chances of getting cards from the Legends set aren't zero, the chance of getting the cards that would make the investment pay off is astronomically slim. We did the math, and we have but a 3% chance of even getting just one card from the old Legends set (that likely will be a common), so just imagine the odds of getting one of the valuable and much rarer ones. Let's look at the bright side, however, and that's how "Invoke Prejudice", “Jihad", “Stone-Throwing Devils", “Cleanse", “Pradesh Gypsies,”  “Imprison", and “Crusade” are out of the draw because the people behind MTG ended up realizing they were pretty racist.

Wizards Of The Coast

It was pretty subtle, right?

What's likely, however, is opening a booster to find a bunch of boars laughing at us while they seemingly quote the bible.

Wizards Of The Coast

Totally worth it – Wizard $:300


Top Image: Wizards Of The Coast

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