The protagonist from Stray first appeared in public back in 2020 when its first trailer had the whole Internet ignoring the gorgeous sci-fi setting and animations due to getting immediately enamored by the idea of playing as a cat. Stray's reveal caused a bit of commotion as players had become accustomed to dogs geese and goats getting their own games, but nobody's body was ready for a game about playing as the Internet's pet. Luckily, the hype was real, and Stray manages to invite players to a well-realized world that, among many other things, overcomes the silent protagonist problem by finding innovative alternatives to verbal communication (as if a cat wouldn't get a pass for that).

And now that we've gone over that, we can finally praise the game's visuals. Sometimes, Stray looks like a hypothetical version of The Last Of Us Part 2, one that doesn't judge players for doing exactly what the game wanted them to do.

Our stray manages to escape tiny zombies

Top Image: BlueTwelve Studio

Some others like the best adaptation of Blade Runner that we could ever get.

Beautiful contrast between the neon lights and the stark reality of this world

Top Image: BlueTwelve Studio

Most of the time, however, it looks like a cute glitchless version of Cyberpunk 2077, or like one where the only active glitch is one that turns players into a pest-killing cat.

Stray's drone destroys the tiny monsters

Top Image: BlueTwelve Studio

It's so cute we can almost get behind the use of murder drones.

Stray has been getting glowing review scores and its protagonist has been getting all sorts of praise even from people who've just looked at the game's screenshots, but that's not all there is to it. On top of a protagonist that rightfully ensures the game gets at least an 8/10 score in most publications, Stray also presents a fully realized world filled with quirky robots and challenges that players will interact with via clever mechanics.

Think that the Titled Cyberpunk Cat Simulator looks cool? Good, because it's free to grab for subscribers of the new Pspspspspspsplus

A cute reference to the sound we make to call cats

Top Image: BlueTwelve Studio

And on the PS5's regular PSplus system, for anyone who would prefer that.

Top Image: BlueTwelve Studio

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