Naming your band after a reference to a show is like having a little wink to .01% of your audience that says “Hey, see what I did there?” With The Simpsons being around since the beginning of time, several bands have ended up sporting names with a Springfieldian origin. Here are 15 bands with names inspired by The Simpsons.

The Speedholes

The Speedholes name is a reference to the holes in a car that Homer believes makes it go faster. Their music sounds like it was ripped straight from the Tony Hawks Underground 2 soundtrack.


The metal band Floorpie is a reference to the delicious booby-trapped treat homer finds in his house, and their music sounds like if you put a normal song in a blender.


Named after Springfield's favorite lazy police chief, Chief Wiggum, this Orange County Ska group sounds like if two ska bands played different songs at the same time.

The Christ Punchers

The Christ Punchers” sounds like a pretty fitting monicker once you listen to this Detroit metal group. The name comes from when Homer and Friends decide to start a motorcycle gang and Moe suggests “The Christ Punchers” as a name.

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The Island Def Jam Music Group


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