5 Astonishing Movie And TV Creations (Made By Fans)

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There are three types of fans in this world. One is the person who enjoys their chosen entertainment enough to call themselves a fan and maybe buy a mug with some character's face on it because that is a thing humans do. One is the person who can't shut up about whatever it is they're a fan of and who probably has a shrine of merch kitted out in their room that maybe has a bed in it, too. And the third one, well, the third one is our favorite because they're the kind of fans who'd do objectively awesome things like …

The Office Fan Who Wrote An Entire Tenth Season Of The Show (While In Quarantine)

Hey, remember how we all baked bread and then sat and cried in said bread all day long during those shelter-in-place/lockdown periods? Boy, those were dark times. Some of us even picked up knitting. Of course, there were other people, the real go-getter types, who decided to churn out novels, learn three new languages, and see how long it'll take them to bench press a jet ski. It honestly sounds exhausting, but good on everyone for having aspirations during a goddamn global pandemic. Good on Nick Janicki, too, for writing 24 episodes — a total of 900+ pages — which ended up being an entire fan fiction season of that NBC sitcom where people still went to the office.

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Writing a spec script for a show is a common thing, but writing an entire season is a next-level project that deserves recognition. In 2020, Janicki wrote his idea of what characters from the show with a surprising amount of jello would look like and be up to in a world now filled with TikToks, Fitbits, and Baby Yodas. And it’s pretty fun. The whole gang is back, with their kids obviously older now and everyone in slightly different job positions (Kevin is foreman of the warehouse, and Michael Scott is back, but in sales). Ryan and Kelly have been engaged three times, and Michael's kids have blocked him on Snapchat.

Nick Janicki, theofficefanfic.com

And here’s the opening scene of episode one, with Dwight criticizing A Quiet Place:

Nick Janicki, theofficefanfic.com

On top of the 24-episode season, Janicki also wrote two bonus episodes because some people are incapable of being depressed and unproductive like the rest of us. One of these extra episodes is called “Pandemic” and sees Dwight wearing that sumo suit from “Beach Day” wrapped in cling film as protection against the virus. Given the added wrapped helmet, he almost suffocates himself in the process. Because of course he does.

The Fans Who Made A Killer Jurassic World Video

Look at this glorious sighting:

News Update TONIGHT, Twitter

Imagine waking up with a Triceratops hanging out on your front lawn. Gosh, we’d probably and also immediately try and pet it. That image up there isn’t a still from the new Jurassic World Dominion movie, oh no. It’s a still from a project that sees a bunch of dino fans act out a mock news bulletin set in a world where dinosaurs now own your driveway. The video was made in anticipation of the new film’s release, with reporters providing inserts on how communities are coping with the “new normal” — which here means dinosaurs wanting to pick fights with people’s cars.

News Update TONIGHT, Twitter

“I’ve never seen people having to scoop up this much animal dung, Jerry.”

And it’s not just people who live in estates and hang out in parks who have it rough, as this farmer will tell you:

News Update TONIGHT, Twitter

What makes this fan video different from others we’ve seen following Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s whole dino outbreak plotline is that, while some of the others go for the obvious big and scary T-Rex moments, this one looks at the more practical implications of a pack of dinosaurs hanging out in the parking lot of your local Costco. We can only imagine the havoc avian dinosaurs would wreak on people’s washing lines.

The short video ends with a classic Jurassic Park meets Cloverfield shot that we won’t spoil for you, but it’s pretty good for an amateur film — even Dominion’s director Colin Trevorrow shared it on his social media.

The Fan Who Created An Obi-Wan Kenobi Tatooine Adventure In The Style Of The Zelda Games

The Star Wars series in which Ewan McGregor donned the robes of Anakin Skywalker’s Jedi Master once more has come to a (satisfying) end (for now), but during its initial lead-up, one fan was so excited that he decided to create an entire Obi-Wan Kenobi game instead of hate-watching The Phantom Menace a dozen more times. The game was made in the charming pixel style of the Legend of Zelda games — specifically A Link to the Past and Link’s Awakening, which both feature a detailed but simple look.

Artist Brandon James Greer managed to first create an adorable Obi-Wan sprite …

Brandon James Greer, YouTube

…that can battle Tusken Raiders and womp rats with his lightsaber in a pixelated world of Tatooine.

Brandon James Greer, YouTube

Here’s his mockup of Obi-Wan’s home, with the little Jedi Master walking around and breaking pots because even Jedi get frustrated sometimes:

Brandon James Greer, YouTube

It may be quite simple to do, but the fact is that Greer actually did it instead of spending all his days lamenting online how Darth Maul deserved better or whatever. Also, the game definitely looks cooler than that 2002 Attack of the Clones mess.

The Batman Fan Video That Perfectly Edited Adam West And Co. Into The New Movie

If you ask someone who their favorite Batman actor is, you’re bound to get one of three reactions: Adam West, Michael Keaton, or a person who is looking at you funny because you didn’t ask them about Joker. A YouTube group called Corridor Crew — a bunch of guys who like to tinker with VFX shots and see if they can do it better — are clearly West fans, and they just really wanted to see West as Batman one more time.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

“Something something shark repellent! A BOMB!”

So they took their time editing both West and the marvelous villains of the 1960s Batman TV show into the new movie’s trailer. 

Corridor Crew, YouTube

Using the ‘60s show’s logo here totally makes it feel more like a comic book. And so does this:

Corridor Crew, YouTube

Naturally, it's more in line with the silly tone of West’s Cape Crusader …

Corridor Crew, YouTube

… and it even features the TV show’s original Batmobile.

Corridor Crew, YouTube

Frank Gorshin’s Riddler is beautifully added in the prison shot, even though it looks like he's totally ready to hurl:

Corridor Crew, YouTube

Burgess Meredith’s Penguin looks like he belongs in Matt Reeves' Gotham and has probably eaten a small human for lunch already:

Corridor Crew, YouTube

And Adam West and his Robin (Burt Ward) look … kind of like behind-the-scenes movie stars here.

Corridor Crew, YouTube

Wait, wait …

Corridor Crew, YouTube

There it is.

The team posted a video on their channel sharing how they went to work on the fun yet bonkers project using Video Enhancement AI software to make old Penguin morph into new Penguin like he somehow ate himself. If you’re not one of the more than 2 million viewers who’ve seen this trailer already, you can watch it here:

The Guy Who Built A Tiny Simpsons TV That Can Play All The Simpsons Episodes (On A Loop)

You know the one: Television’s most mocking animated TV set that has that famous bug-eyed family stampede each other to get a seat in front of it, just like … people in the ‘90s.


You were either in front of the TV or you missed the show, no jokes.

Now, thanks to the work of one clever fan who shared his DIY invention on Reddit, anyone with a 3D printer can make that iconic so-purple-it-should-be-illegal tiny CRT TV set that, no jokes again, will play all the episodes of The Simpsons on a loop for as long as you want.

Brandon Withrow, Reddit

Because watching it on a normal-sized TV screen is so 2000s.

Brandon Withrow, the dude behind the creation of the “Simpsons TV,” printed a 3D model of the set that is so small it can easily fit in one hand and should definitely be kept away from dogs and cats. It has full-working volume and power controls — it really works, you guys. Using a Raspberry Pi Zero board loaded with 32 GB storage, the tiny TV can play a Simpsons episode from start to finish, choose another at random to play automatically ad infinitum, without needing any internet connection.

It might just be the greatest Simpsons gadget for fans made by a Simpsons fan we’ve ever seen. Now we’ll never have to worry about watching The Simpsons and accidentally dropping our phones in the toilet ever again.

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